How Much 28.8 Acres Of Land Cost (Nov) Let’s Find Here!

Read the information given and get an approximate idea of How Much 28.8 Acres of Land Cost.

Do you know the exact value of an acre of land in your country or state? Knowledge of such things is extremely important when you are exploring and want to buy some land. Similar to housing, the price of land factors into an area’s cost of living. As unfortunate as it sounds, dealers can easily charge you more than the land is worth if he or she suspects you know nothing of the current land prices in the area. You can familiarize yourself with the generalized pricing for essential living costs simply by using a cost of living calculator.

Thus, we bring you this article and answer the question- How Much 28.8 Acres of Land Cost concerning the United States and tell you about the factors on which this price depends.

How Much is An Acre of Land?

While traditionally, an acre of land was considered a piece of land that is 660 feet long, the standard size of an acre of land is 4,840 square yards, approximately equal to 4,046.86 square meters. 

And if you want to visualize an acre of land, you can imagine a football field. Although, a football field is a bit bigger. 

What Factors Decide The Price of The Land?

Before answering- How Much Is 28.8 Acres of Land Worth, we would like to tell you the factors that decide this value. 

Whether the land is flat or sloped, if it has utility services or can they be easily installed, and if it has paved roads nearby. Another factor that determines the price is – land use.

However, the largest factor in determining a land’s value is its location. The land in different states in the US varies from $1,558 per acre in Wyoming to $196,410 in New Jersey. In contrast, the average per-acre land price in the US is completely different.

Thus, always check the location of your land and see the price of per-acre land in the same area. 

How Much 28.8 Acres of Land Cost?

As told before, the price of an acre of land depends upon its location and is different from state to state in the United States. However, here is the answer to your question for some specific states:

South Dakota

  • Value per acre- $2,135
  • Value of 28.8 acres- $61,488


  • Value per acre- $7,364
  • Value of 28.8 acres- $212,083.2


  • Value per acre- $1,558
  • Value of 28.8 acres- $44,870.4

New Mexico

  • Value per acre- $1,931
  • Value of 28.8 acres- $55,612.8


  • Value per acre- $39,092
  • Value of 28.8 acres- $1,125,849.6

Now that you know the answer to- How Much Is 28.8 Acres of Land Worth in different states, you must know that the rough approximate value of an acre of land in the US is $12,000, which means that 28.8 acres of land in the US costs $3,45,600. And visit here if you want to know the price of land in other states. 

Wrapping It All

So, the simple answer to your question is that one cannot determine the exact price of land without knowing the location and other factors related to the land. However, as mentioned in the article above, you can get an approximate value of How Much 28.8 Acres of Land Cost. And in case, you are not from the US, then consider checking the price of land in your respective area.

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