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The guide shares details on How Many Stimulus Checks Were There to update the residents on all the checks.  

Do you know what is stimulus check? Throughout the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the federal government in the United States is focused on easing the financial consequences and other constraints by providing financial relief to all eligible residents.

The government offered unemployment benefits, extended Child Tax Credit, and Stimulus Checks to all eligible residents throughout the pandemic. The Stimulus Check Payments were distributed between 2020 and 2021. 

All qualified residents applied for the checks and received the stimulus check from the government. People across the nation now want to know, How Many Stimulus Checks Were There during the pandemic to the residents.    

How Many Stimulus Checks Were There?

Stimulus Checks are the financial relief provided by the federal government to all eligible residents in the United States during the covid-19 pandemic. There was a total of three stimulus checks. 

The financial aid was distributed in three phases, of which the 1st round was provided in March 2020 by Congress as a part of a $2.2 trillion financial relief package. In March 2021, Mr. President Joe Biden again issued a $1.9 trillion American Rescue Act. Finally, the last round of the stimulus check was issued for taxpayers who can earn up to $75000 a year.   

How Many Stimulus Checks Were There in 2021?

The federal government has issued three rounds of stimulus checks between 2020 and 2021. 

  • The first financial impact payment was $1200, and it is provided to all eligible households in the low-income category. It was given in 2020.
  • The second stimulus check was provided in the 1st quarter of 2021. The check was for $600.
  • The IRS provided the 2nd round of stimulus checks worth up to $1400 and is distributed to millions of Americans.    

So, people asking this question “How Many Stimulus Checks Were There in 2021” and they must know that there are three stimulus checks, of which two stimulus packages were distributed during 2021. 

The IRS has issued over 175 million checks valuing over $400 under the federal stimulus package. Residents still owe $1400 worth of stimulus checks. 

Who is Eligible for the Last Stimulus Checks?

There are specific criteria that everyone must fulfill to claim the latest or last stimulus check. You will be entitled to the latest stimulus check to meet the following criteria. 

As you know now, How Many Stimulus Checks Were There, let us know who is eligible for the latest checks.

  • You must not be dependent on any taxpayer.
  • You must have a valid social security number for employment.
  • The adjusted gross income must not exceed $160000 if you are married and filing a joint return, $120000 if filing as the head of the household, and $80000 for all single applicants. 


Stimulus Checks are the financial aid for the eligible residents during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The federal government issued it to ease the financial consequences and other restrictions during the pandemic. Hopefully, you know How Many Stimulus Checks Were There and who are eligible. If you fulfill the criteria, please ensure to claim your checks timely. 

Are you eligible for the stimulus checks? Please, share how you claimed your check in the comment section.

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