How Many Siblings In Our Father {May} Discover The Count

How Many Siblings in Our Father? Where is Dr Cline now? Some of the reader’s questions are answered here through this post. Read below for more information.

Do you love watching Netflix series? Which show have you watched recently on Netflix? Have you heard of the documentary “our father”? The story has gained a lot of attention from viewers across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our Father is based on a real crime story of a doctor and is presented excellently in the Netflix documentary. Let us read more information through the post How Many Siblings in Our Father below to know in detail.

A brief story of Dr Donald Cline:

Netflix’s new documentary Our Father, released on 11th May 2022, reveals Dr Donald Cline’s story, which gives the solution to women who cannot conceive. There are total 94 siblings in this documentary. He was considered the best fertility doctor once upon a time in Indianapolis and has been in practice since 1979.

But the twist in the story is that he used his reproductive material on the patient without their consent or, say, without letting them know. In turn, Dr Cline has now more than 90 children.

Dr Cline How Many Siblings?

Jacoba Ballard, the first child who knows about Dr Cline, wants to receive justice. She learned about him through a DNA test. Thus, she and many other siblings want to broadcast this information to as many people as possible.

As of present, there are 94 of them, and the count is revealed at the end of the documentary. Several of them live within a short distance of one another. Cline informed Our Father director Lucie Jourdan that the “public doesn’t need to know” about his wrongdoings.

Dr Cline Where Is He Now?

Though whatever Dr had done was a violation, he was only charged with obstruction of justice in 2017. The lawyer explains in the documentary that it did not come under rape in Indiana law.

But he lost his medical license, paid a $500 fine, and served a single year of probation due to his misdeeds. Dr Cline is currently free and residing in Indianapolis, Indiana, according to a 2019 piece from The Atlantic. Most of his children are not satisfied with the final verdict. 

What Dr Cline has to say about it?

After knowing How Many Siblings in Our Father, Cline has let us see what he says about his actions.

Cline probably thought that no one would ever know about his crime and continued doing what he did. But DNA tests and a kid’s curiosity end everything. When Cline admits he used his reproductive material, he asserted that all kids were healthy and did not do it frequently. Moreover, he also added that there was no bad intention behind whatever he was doing.


Netflix’s effort is really appreciable in that it brings eye-opening topics to society. How Many Siblings in Our Father is the burning question after the release of this documentary? To watch the trailer of Our Father, you can click here. 

Have you watched Our Father? If you have not watched the documentary yet, go, watch, and comment below your views.

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