How Many Kids in Foster Care in 2022 {June 2022} Data!

This article on How Many Kids in Foster Care in 2022 is about the whole issue around Foster Care so that you would understand the happenings clearly.

Have you ever dealt with a child’s adoption and similar other things? Maybe yes or maybe no. But what do you think: what happens to children who lost their parents for any reason? Where do they go? Who looks after them? Or can a parent send their child to a care center or elsewhere for better care if they want?

This article on How Many Kids in Foster Care in 2022 will answer all the above questions. Probably you would be aware that the Foster Care System is very prevalent in the United States

Know the Number of kids in Foster Care in 2022?

Some rough figures available online say around 250000 children have annually been cared for under the Foster Care System in the country. But because of recent judicial development in the country around pregnant women’s right to have abortion or not, there are different speculations around the Foster Care System.  

Some people are worried whether they will be able to adopt children or not! And wants to know: How Many Children Are in Foster Care 2022: Some Important Stats 

  • Currently, around 400 thousand children are in Foster Care without permanent families.
  • Children in Foster Care who have to wait at least three years are 32% of the foster population.
  • Around 25% of children coming out of the Foster Care System have post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • About 25% of foster kids coming out of the system are not able to graduate from high school.
  • And in a survey, around 70% of foster kids expressed their desire to attend college.

All the above data are found while we were looking for How Many Kids Are in Foster Care in the Us

Know the Number of kids in Foster Care in the Us

We have found, in the recent past the states have failed to provide permanent homes or reunite with their families to around 20000 youngsters. 

But the main problem plaguing US society is that the social workers working for children’s welfare and bringing agreement between different parties face hatred and social stigma.

And others are concerned about their pregnancy and abortion rights. The past data say, around 20% of children become homeless when they turn 18. And that creates other kinds of problems for the state.  

Why is How Many Kids in Foster Care in 2022 in the News?

Under Foster Care, children who are without parents or do not feel safe in their families are adopted by families for a temporary period. But because the US supreme court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade case has raised the suspicion of a Foster Care crisis in the State of Texas. As a result, many people in the United States are actively seeking available Foster Care for kids.

Final thought:

The Foster Care System has done many good things, as visible in online stories. But the other side of the picture should not be ignored where children face abuse. Here the data on How Many Kids in Foster Care in 2022 may differ with sources.  

If you liked this article, please express your views in the comment section. Which way of child care do you like? For more about the Foster Care System, click here. 

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