How Many K-12 Schools In The Us {May} Know Statistics!

The article will describe the country’s school numbers and try to answer the question How Many K-12 Schools in the Us.

Do you have any idea about the number of K-12 schools in this country? The Texas school experienced a massacre by the gun fire that killed 21 students on the school campus. After the incident, many people in the United States asked about the school’s security and a declaration from the school authority. 

The guardian also wants to know the security arrangement in the schools. Today we will try to find out the answer to How Many K-12 Schools in the Us. Let’s find out the statistics about the number of schools in the country.

What is Your Idea about the Number of the School? 

In this country, formal education starts from five or six. The student who is primary takes admission to kindergarten or primary school. The recent statistics denote the following numbers about the school.

  • Total Public and Private K-12 Schools- 130930
  • Secondary School’s Number- 26727
  • Combined School’s Number- 15804
  • Primary School’s Number- 87498

There are other types of schools. The number of the different kinds of schools is nearly 901.

N.B.: The statistic is taken from the NCES report.

How Many Public Schools in the Us

Let’s find out the number of public schools in this country. As per the administrative division, the public schools are also a few categories like- Charter public schools and traditional public schools.

  • Public School Traditional- 91,328 (Report, 2018-2019)
  • Private School-32461 (Report, 2017-2018)
  • Charter Public School- 7427 (Report, 2018-2019)

Among the public schools, there are many high schools. Check the statistics below-

  • Public school in total- 98755
  • Junior School- 2375
  • Middle school- 13447
  • Primary School- 54159
  • Combined School- 6586
  • High School- 21497
  • Another school- 691.
  • N.B.- Date has been given from  the 2018-19 reports.

How Many K-12 Schools in the Us     

We have already mentioned the number of K-12 schools in the above discussion. But as per the “National Center for Education Statistics” (NCES), the number of schools has increased in the last five years.

The “NCES” report says enrollment in public schools increased by nearly 29 per cent. The number increased from 39.4 million to 50.7 million. On the other hand, the registration in elementary schools increases slower than public school enrollment.

As per the 2020 data sources, in the 130930 public schools, there are 49.4 million students. Hope you get the answer- How Many K-12 Students in the Us?

Why is the News Trending? 

The news is trending because many people are searching about the schools in the country. The recent incident has bound thousands of parents to do that. On the other hand, many news media houses have this report on their media pages. 

People are sharing their views on social media pages. Out of security concerns, people check the numbers of schools and students in the country.


Finally, we can say that many social institutions and civil society institutions are also concerned about the security of these schools. The authority has already cleared How Many K-12 Schools in the Us. Now, many people want the government to respond to the security arrangement.

All the data is given from useful internet sources. You can also check the link for more information. What is the assumption about the number of schools? Please comment.

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