How Many Inches Of Snow Tomorrow (March 2022) Forecast!

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Read the following in detail to answer How Many Inches of Snow Tomorrow, especially in the state of New Jersey (NJ).

Are you worried about snowfall alerts? Are you concerned about traveling tomorrow? Are you aware of the snowfall advisory issued by the state department? If the answer to all these questions is NO, then you are at the right place to get the required information.

Today, people across the United States are searching about the question How Many Inches of Snow Tomorrow. There has been an advisory issued by the state weather department for moderate to heavy snowfall in various US cities. To get complete detail, follow the article below.

Current Weather in the US

The weather in the United States is currently very cold. In March, it is hovering between 2°C and 8°C. Roughly 8 to 15 days of rain is predicted for March. Snowfall is also predicted for some days in the United States

On 8th March 2022, a winter storm warning was issued for 9th March 2022. The advisories were issued for several states in the US, including New Jersey (NJ).

How Many Inches of Snow Tomorrow NJ


  • 6 AM; 4°; Cold; rain drop60%; chance of snowfall
  • 8 AM; 3°; Cold; rain drop69%; chance of snowfall
  • 10 AM; 3°; Cold; rain drop60%; chance of snowfall
  • 12 PM; 3°; Cold; rain drop49% 
  • 2 PM; 2°; Cold; rain drop70%; chance of snowfall
  • 4 PM; 2°; Cold; rain drop59%; chance of snowfall

The Snowfall Forecast is as follows:

  • Snow and Ice Outlook: 1 – 3 cm
  • START: 6:00 AM, Wednesday, 3/9
  • END: 5:00 PM, Wednesday, 3/9

Snowfall Amount Probability

  • Greater than 6 cm: 3%
  • 3 – 6 cm: 41%
  • 1 – 3 cm: 53%
  • A coating to a cm: 2%
  • Little to no accumulation: 1%

After answering How Many Inches of Snow Tomorrow NJ, we will answer expected rainfall in the US tomorrow.

Expected Rainfall in US Tomorrow

High pressure was moving across New England, and the winds were chilly on 8th March 2022. On Wednesday, the low-pressure is expected to move across New England. With the sky being cloudy, it is expected to snow steadily in parts of the US.

The moisture is primarily coming from the south; thus, the heaviest snowfall is expected in southern Berkshire County and hilly spots in eastern Hampden County. However, by Thursday and Friday, we are expected to have bright and sunny days, and on Saturday, we again might have storms and snow around.

How Many Inches of Snow Tomorrow 

It is expected to be up to three inches in the valley and more than 3-6 inches in hills and Berkshires.


The snow is expected on Wednesday in the US. However, the travel-related issues might be only minimal one. Still, you must take care while traveling and keep food water available for any emergency. The schools have also been closed in some parts keeping the weather situation in mind.

For further weather-related inquiries, you can refer to state weather forecasting services.

So, after getting your answer on How Many Inches of Snow Tomorrow, you must plan accordingly for Tomorrow. For any other queries, you can comment below.

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