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In which country will the winter Olympics take place? Are you curious?

Olympics is the biggest sports fair on our planet. Medal at the Olympics is the most-highest bar for any athlete. Over 30 sports are included, and athletes from all around the world take part in this event.

Let us see How Many Countries Are in the Winter Olympics? Including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India.

Summer Olympics And Winter Olympics

The Olympic Games have been around for thousands of years, and yet every time the Games are held, it is a unique experience. This is the most important sporting event featuring both summer and winter sports, where thousands of sportsperson participate in various sports.

The Olympic-Game is considered the world’s number one sports competition. It has more than 200 participating countries. From ancient Greece to today’s modern Olympics, the story behind the games is constantly changing. The most recent summer Olympics was held in Japan in 2021.

How Many Countries Are in the Winter Olympics?

Ninety one nations will take part in the Winter Olympics 2022. This Year’s Olympics is being held in Beijing, China. Two new countries are joining this winter Olympics for the first time. Peru and Haiti will set their foot in Olympics for the first time.   

Last Winter Olympics was held in Pyeongchang County in South Korea in 2018, one of only two countries that have ever hosted both Summer and Winter Games.

Many countries are boycotting this years’ this Olympics. Countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia have joined the boycott initially started by the U.S. due to diplomatic reasons.  

How Many Countries Are in the Winter Olympics? To know, read the article.

More Details On Winter Olympics 2022

Many controversies and unfortunate events surround this year’s winter Olympics.

Those are:

  • New Zealand’s officials will miss this year’s Olympics due to Covid-19.
  • Several countries boycotted China’s winter Olympics as explained in the above paragraph. The reason stated by the U.S. government is that ‘China should stop Human rights abuse’.
  • The Olympics committee suspended North Korea because they did not participate in last year’s summer Olympics.
  • Russia is currently serving a two-year ban by the Anti-doping committee, so they will not participate technically.  

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Also, South Korea is weighing their chances of participating winter Olympics as they want china to take steps on denuclearization in their region. This is a diplomatic concern but has nothing do to with the U.S. boycott.


Winter Olympics 2022 is going to be held in China. Eighty-four countries from worldwide will participate, according to some online sources. The reason being the boycott by some countries, Covid-19 concerns and other diplomatic reasons.

If you wish to know the list of the countries originally included in the Olympic 2022 parade list. Click here  

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