How Long Did Anna Delvey Serve Time (March) Where Is She?

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Have you seen the Netflix series, Inventing Anna? Do you want to know about Anna Delvey? Then, you have come to the right place!

Netflix launched the series on the platform recently, and now its viewers are keen to know more about Anna’s life and prison time.

Anna Delvey took the Internet world by storm when her true identity was revealed and how she scammed people to set up her business in the United States.

How Long Did Anna Delvey Serve Time in prison? Let us find our answers.

Who is Anna Delvey? 

Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokin as a real name, is a Russian-born con artist who claimed to be a German Heiress trying to set up her own business in New York City, United States.

Anna changed her identity and acted like a German heiress who is about to receive her father’s trust fund after she turns 25.

She not only scammed people but large American banks too.

What Did She Do, And Why is She in Prison?

You want answers to How Long Did Anna Delvey Serve Time in jail but do you know about her charges and why was she held guilty?

Anna defrauded people, hotels, banks, and acquaintances of $275,000. She was convicted for multiple accounts of attempted grand larceny.

In 2017, Anna was arrested through a sting operation planned by Michael McCaffery.

Anna came to New York in 2013 with a dream, and she worked for it in the wrong ways. She forged the biggest banks in the country to lend her a handsome amount of money for her business proposal. However, she couldn’t succeed, and her truth was revealed.

How Long Did Anna Delvey Serve Time?

The most important question our readers asked is the time Anna served in prison.

Anna was convicted of 2-12 years of jail time starting from 2018; however, she was released on parole within 2 years in February 2021. She was then taken into ICE custody in March 2021 for overstaying her visa.

So, all who think that Anna is still in jail, she is not! Anna served in jail only for two years and is now seeking deportation.

She regularly updates her Instagram profile and informs her followers about her life and custody time.

We hope you now have the answer to your question- How Long Did Anna Delvey Serve Time?

About Inventing Anna:

Inventing Anna is the new Netflix series that caught everybody’s attention because it is a real-life story about a girl named Anna Delvey or Anna Sorokin convicted of several charges.

The show follows the sarcastic tagline, “This story is true except for the parts that were made up.”

The series received mixed viewer ratings and reviews.

Final Words:

Anna Sorokin had already received worldwide fame when Vanity Fair released their article defaming Delvey’s strategy to pretend to be a German heiress and scam people, hotels, and banks.

How Long Did Anna Delvey Serve Time in prison? We have answered your question above. Please feel free to ask any doubt in the comment section.

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