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The article is about How Did Sabina Die and other details related to Sabina Nessa’s murder case. Read the whole article for more details.

Do you know who Sabina was? When did she die? How did she die? What happened to Sabina? Where did she die? If you are curious about the Sabina case, go through this article.

Sabina Nessa was a 28-year old teacher, and she was found dead on 18th September in the Kidbrooke area of Southeast London. People of London, United Kingdom, are worried about women’s safety after the murder of Sabina Nessa. The police are investigating the case, but How Did Sabina Die has not been released yet.

Who Was Sabina Nessa?

Ms. Sabina Nessa was a 28-year old girl. She was an elementary school teacher. Nessa lived in Southeast London. She was found dead by a civilian in a park near her house.

She left her house on 17th September around 8’o o’clock the night to meet a friend in the pub. It was supposed to be a five-minute walk from her house to the pub. But she didn’t show up. 

The police have arrested a suspect. He is a man around the age of 40 years. The police provide not much information on How Did Sabina Die or any personal details of the suspect.

After The Incident 

People in the area are distressed after the murder of Sabina Nessa, and they are questioning women’s safety in their area. A vigil was held on Friday night, where mothers held hands with their daughters and friends linked arms with each other. 

Sarah Brown, a local, has a three-year-old daughter. She lives near the place where the murder happened, and Sarah wants the place to be safer. And when her daughter grows up to Sabina’s age, she wishes that her daughter would be able to walk around freely by that time.

How Did Sabina Die?

The reason behind why Sabina got murdered, and how? It is yet to be released by the police authority. They are investigating the case after a stranger found the body on 18th September in the afternoon (last week). 

This week on Thursday, police arrested a 38-year-old man as a suspect of Sabina’s murder. Police said he was being questioned. The police force has released some CCTV still footage of a man. Police urged the locals to identify the man. Police said they wished to talk to the man in the image, who was taking a walk around the time when Sabina got killed.

Now, the only question is How Did Sabina Die? According to the police they are extensively investigating the case, and they cannot answer this question as the case is still under process. Was the man a stranger? Or he knew Sabina before the attack was not clear.


Sabina Nessa’s case is the 2nd attack and murder of a woman in London United Kingdom within six months. Locals are crucial to the situation. After the case, there was an uproar in public to end this male violence against women.

If you want to read more details about the case, click on the link given here. 

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