How Did Norm MacDonald Die (Sep) Was Battling With Cancer

The post talks about How Did Norm MacDonald Die and elaborates about his life.

Norm MacDonald was known for his impeccable comic timing and his prowess to keep the audience hooked to their seats. However, the sudden demise of the erstwhile comedian has left the fans across the globe shattered, whether it is the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Bereft fans thus want to know what had happened to their fondest comedian and the cause of his death. Therefore, we conducted deep research to bring you to answer to How Did Norm MacDonald Die. Read the article till the end to know complete details and information about the famous comedian.

A Few Words About Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald, born Norman Gene MacDonald, is a famous Canadian comedian. Besides, he is also an actor and writer who is known for the deadpan style. He has an elder brother who works for CBC News as a journalist and a younger brother Leslie. He was married to Connie Vaillancourt and a son named Dylan, born in 1993.

The 61-year-old comedian died on 14 September 2021. As soon as the news was released on the internet, people wanted to know How Did Norm MacDonald Die. In the coming sections, we will look into the cause of his death and explore a little more about the comedian.

Early Life and Career of Norm MacDonald

MacDonald was known for his dry delivery of comic dialogues, garnered him fans from across the globe. So here are few facts about MacDonald, presenting in the section below:

  • He worked at Canadian clubs before he moved to the US, where he pursued comedy writing for TV.
  • MacDonald joined Saturday Night Live for hosting a news parody skit for weekend updates.
  • He also worked for the Roseanne programme before Saturday Night Live.

How Did Norm MacDonald Die?

Norm MacDonald was all slated to host and appear at the New York comedy festival held in November. Known for his deadpan style of comedy delivery, he starred in comedy series called the Norm between 1999 to 2001. 

Besides, he also hosted the Norm MacDonald Has a Show programme that was aired on Netflix in 2018. Jim Carrey had tweeted about MacDonald as a precious gem, a courageous and honest genius of the comedy genre. Thus, his death comes as a shocker for fans globally.

Coming to How Did Norm MacDonald Die, he was diagnosed with cancer and died battling the nine-year-old ailment.

Final Conclusion

As per sources, Norm MacDonald liked to keep the news of his illness private. The comedian shared the news of his disease with only a few trusted friends but did not divulge it in public. Nevertheless, many stars tweeted condolences for the comedian’s death, including Jon Stewart and Seth Rogan.

The comedian died on 14 September 2021 in Los Angeles after battling cancer privately for a long period of nine years. We hope this article throws light on How Did Norm MacDonald Die. Read more about him here

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