How Did Montserrat Caballé Die {April} Reveal The Facts!

Latest News How Did Montserrat Caballé Die

This article aims to assist you with the details concerning the answer, How Did Montserrat Caballé Die.

Are you aware of the enormous opera world? Do you know one of the queens of opera music? Yes, she’s Montserrat, whose songs are still fresh in the hearts and minds. Moreover, google gave tribute to her recently, which made fans of the United States specifically emotional. 

She was a tremendous woman of opera and a legend of widespread society. There are many conspiracies regarding her demise. And, there’s one question constantly being asked by people: How Did Montserrat Caballé Die

Let’s get to know about it together-

How Montserrat’s Death was Revealed? 

Caballé was not in good health for a while. She was 85 years old when she left the world. She has been hospitalized in San Pau sanitarium in Barcelona. Her condition got worse while she was travelling to Russia and went to the hospital.

She stayed there for a while and then died after some time. An infirmary spokesman told the press that Caballé’s household desired the reason for demise not to be broadcasted. She had been in the sanitarium since September.

How Did Montserrat Caballé Die? 

As per some authentic sources, Montserrat suffered some serious gallbladder issues. She had been undergoing fitness grievances. And she stayed in the hospital for a prolonged period of one month. There are many assumptions regarding her death as the actual cause isn’t disclosed yet. 

Some say that her being overweight was the reason behind her health issues. Some of them said that her age was the main thing and she experienced a stroke while travelling. But, the most widely accepted cause is the gallbladder problem only.

So, an answer to How Did Montserrat Caballé Die has so many assumptions and is not clear yet. 

Montserrat Funeral and Burial-

The last performance of Montserrat took place in Chicago. It was one of song history’s enormous virtuosic explosions. Her funeral took place on 8th October with thousands gathering. 

Directing Spanish political governors, artistic figures, the prime minister, and Queen Sophia attended her funeral and gave her a silent tribute. 

Where is Montserrat Buried? 

Montserrat Caballé was Christian, and therefore all the religious practices took place according to Christian customs. She was buried in a coffin next to her parents.

An answer to How Did Montserrat Caballé Die is still unknown, but she died on 6th October and was buried after 2 days on 8th October 2018. Her Place of burial is Cementerio de San Andrés, Barcelona, Spain 

Why is this Trending? 

Sudden news about Montserrat that she was analyzed with a brain tumour in 1985 and had therapy for a heart crisis in 1993 shook people. 

This made her fans realize that they don’t even know the exact cause of her death. Hence, they started digging the grave, making this topic trending and controversial.


Based on internet research, an answer to How did Montserrat Caballé Die have a brain tumour, heart stroke, gallbladder problem or anything? The cause of death is still not known and identified by anyone. But she is still in the hearts of many. 

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