How Did Lil Loaded Get Famous (June) Know The Story!

How Did Lil Loaded Get Famous (June) Know The Story! >> Are you looking for some information about Lil Loading? Here is an end to your search.

Are you curious to know about Lil Loaded popularity? Then, read this write-up for more facts as you have landed yourself on the right page, where remarkable information will be given to you explicitly. 

These days, a question is running in the mind of all people of the United States and other regions: How Did Lil Loaded Get Famous? Read below for more reliable information. 

Who is Lil Loaded?

Lil Loaded is an American rapper whose real name is Dashawn Robertson. Some of the noted and highly popular hits of these rappers are Out My Body, Gang Unit, and Thuggin Wit Me. With these super hits, he won the heart of the audience worldwide.

The early life of Robertson.

Loaded, who was born in 2000, had a keen interest in rapping since his childhood, and during his eighteenth, he began to rap in the United States. Apart from rapping, he has also shown his keen interest in basketball and spent his leisure time in this game.

More about his career as per, How Did Lil Loaded Get Famous?

In 2019, Loaded began his career when a YouTuber named ‘Tommy Craze’ uploaded a reaction video of loaded’s “6locc 6a6y”. Luck smiled at him as the video hit 2 million views on YouTube in just three months of duration. The video got viral, which led to 10 million streams of his song on Spotify and around 7 million plays on SoundCloud. 

 “6locc 6a6y” is more than a song. It’s a way of life.” Loaded says.

In an interview with him, Loaded told that before releasing the “6locc 6a6y” song, his cameraman’s computer went down. As per How Did Lil Loaded Get Famous, the hit surfaced on the Internet after a delay of two weeks. The video song, which was uploaded at night with 0 views, got like by Tommy Craze. With the response of Tommy, Loaded was immensely excited. In the morning, the song caught 45,000 views. After the certification of this song in RIAA, Loading said that he has the “dopest fanbase on earth.”

There is some new story in his life which you can learn after reading the further article. First, get some idea of the controversies and adversities of his life. 

Arrested on a murder charge, as per’ How did Lil Loaded get famous’

Robertson got arrested on a murder charge related to the shooting of his own best friend, Khalil Walker. It is also being said that he shot his friend with a rifle during a video shoot and the recording of the same is in walker’s phone. After the murder, Loaded login Instagram to address his arrest through a post.

Death of Robertson

The shocking news about the death of Robertson came to light just after a week of his song 6locc 6a6ys’ certification by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). It crossed even more than 25 million streams. Read here for more.


As per How did Lil Loaded get famous, the death of the rapper gets reported at his age of twenty. The cause of his death is reported as a suicide, sadly confirmed by his attorney’ Ashkan Mehryari’. The rapper got popular and died at an early age. 

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