How Did John Meadows Die (Aug 2021) Let’s find out!

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How Did John Meadows Die (Aug 2021) Let’s find out! >> This article details all the facts about the unfortunate demise of a renowned bodybuilding coach.

Are you shocked after hearing about the death of a person who was so fit and strong? Do you want to know what the series of events that resulted in his ultimate demise was? Then, read our article to ascertain all the facts about How Did John Meadows Die

John Meadows was especially well-known among people from the United States and Canada because of his fantastic training and motivation skills. So, let’s find out how he ended up in this unfortunate situation.

Who was John Meadows? 

John Meadows possessed many physical skills, which led to him being called the ‘mountain dog’ in the world of bodybuilders. He was a professional bodybuilder, coach, gym trainer, nutritionist and entrepreneur. 

He was born on 11th April 1972 and belonged to a small town near Columbus in Ohio. He faced many challenges but came out as a fitness company owner and an IIFB Pro Bodybuilder! So let’s find out more about How did John Meadows Die?

Early Life:

It is a lesser-known fact that John Meadows almost passed away during his early days of bodybuilding! He suffered from a rare disease in his colon, and after fighting it for various months, his colon burst, which almost led to his death, but he was taken to the emergency room just on time. 

Not only this, John suffered various adversities since his childhood because he never met his dad, and his mother passed away very young. The only support he had was his grandmother, who also died when he was only 27. But, John overcame all the obstacles and emerged as an inspiration for thousands of people. 

How did John Meadows Die?

On 11th May 2020, he suffered a heart attack because of a clotting problem in his vessels. However, he was soon stabilized and recovered quickly, which led him back to his coaching.

But, due to this problem, he suffered an unexpected and early death at the age of 49. He suddenly encountered a pulmonary embolism in his sleep, which means that there was a blockage in his lungs’ pulmonary artery, which usually happens when blood clots transfer to your arteries.

News Revelation and People’s Reaction:

One of his most dedicated trainees, Brooke Walter, on behalf of Mary, his wife, revealed the tragic news on Facebook. After the news of How did John Meadows Die came out, many distinguished people called him an inspiration, a role model, a fighter, one of the best in the field, a good friend, a mentor and much more. Lakhs of his fans also poured out appreciations for him and condolences for his family on social media. 


John Meadows was inspiring, loved and celebrated as a bodybuilder and a person with over 327,000 followers on Instagram. Even after facing so many adversities, he became one of the greatest champions and motivated others to do the same. We all have a lesson to learn from him and will always remember him as an inspiration. 

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