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Are you interested to know How Did Johannes Vermeer Die? Read out this post and know the facts behind his death.

A famous Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer, is not alive. But still, his paintings talk of the towns in the United States and Canada. He specialized in the domestic interior. That’s why many people wonder-was his talent is real. 

However, Johannes was the real artist who portraits fantastic nature with his brushes. There are many things that remain hidden. But we have some facts on How Did Johannes Vermeer Die. Keep reading.

Johannes Vermeer Biography

Johannes was the famous painter of the golden age who the people always remembered. Well, his life was not too long as he died at the age of 43. Thus, his 34 paintings have been considered as truly his own. 

He was not famous in his starting days until the 19th century. Gustav Friedrich and the fellow French art critic believed up to 66 paintings that Vermeer had created. However, his personal life was challenging because he was not from a rich family.  

He grew up in Delft and was largely influenced by his father, who worked in silk. But How Did Johannes Vermeer Die is an untold story. 

His professional Life & skills

He was extremely devoted to his art and lived his life in Delft city. However, all the information we found was from the registers and official documents. He was married to a Catholic woman in 1653. His paintings were famous, the allergy of faith. Other paintings, such as a girl with a pearl earring, are considered the most famous painting. 

Moreover, a woman reading a letter is also a famous painting. His skills were upgraded when he registered himself in the Delft guild. However, his identity and being master remains a mystery. 

How Did Johannes Vermeer Die?

In 1675, December Johannes died due to illness. It was found that he had fallen into depression and madness, said his wife. Also, it was stated that he was in pain due to zero sales of his paintings due to the French war. 

Not only this, he was detrimental because he was left with unsold paintings that he was trying to sell. Resultant, owning the burden of growing up with his children left him stressed and taken to his heart. And that’s the reason he died. 

However, it is still a mystery why he was not able to sell his paintings. We hope you got the answer- How Did Johannes Vermeer Die

Later, he was the true artist who hadn’t created many collections, but now his 34 paintings are realistic and remain beautiful till today. Look at his important arts here.  

The Bottom Line

So, you have learned all the information about the famous artist Vermeer. He was not recognized early and died because not get worth for his work. But later on, he became popular and got the top position as an artist.

Depression and poverty were the reasons for his early death, said his wife. So, we hope with this article you get all the answers who is Vermeer and How Did Johannes Vermeer Die

Are you a fan of Vermeer art? Please share your views with us. 

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