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How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname has shared the reason behind Edwin Aldrin getting his different nicknames.

Are you aware that the Apollo 11 space program was questioned by many people in the United States, although it was live telecasted to millions of spectators? Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are the first two-man to set foot on the moon in the summer of 1969.

Many people believed in this mission and accepted the visual they saw as the first human landing on the moon, but the space mission conspiracy theory kept floating. One man that does not doubt this mission is Buzz. To know more about this story, keep reading How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname till the end.

Edwin Aldrin as Buzz Aldrin:

Edwin Aldrin and his astronaut colleague Neil Armstrong completed the Apollo 11 mission by setting their foot on the moon. The nickname of Edwin Aldrin was a Buzz throughout his life, but in 1988, he changed his name and was legally known as Buzz Aldrin.

He started his career as an air force pilot and retired from the service in March 1972 as Edwin Aldrin. During his life as a private businessman, Aldrin changed his name to Buzz Aldrin.

His sister Fay Ann mispronounced brother as buzzer, and this word later changed to buzz for Aldrin. 

Buzz Aldrin Nickname:

Although most people knew him by his legal name during his work as Air force personnel, people in his inner circle always called him Buzz Aldrin. During her childhood days, Fay Ann used to call buzzer for brother, and while they grew up, family members shortened the name buzzer to buzz for Aldrin.

Some other nicknames that the second man on the moon got from his colleagues. Aldrin was the only astronaut to have done a doctorate and was known for his expertise in the subject. He was made head of the team for creating rendezvous techniques for spacecraft, and Mr Rendezvous became Buzz aldrin Nickname in his workspace.

Buzz Aldrin’s age at the time of Moon Landing:

Aldrin got irritated with the news of a fabricated moon landing story and even punched a man for asking this question. After Neil Armstrong, Aldrin became the second man to land on the moon, and Collins followed him.

Buzz was born on 20th January 1930 and landed on the moon on 16th July 1969. Therefore, at the time of landing on the moon, his age was around 39 years. He made three spacewalks in his career and accompanied his colleague as a pilot.  

How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname on Conspiracy theory?

The conspiracy theory about the mission started with a man named Bill Kaysing. He left his job and agreed with a publicizing company to write a satire on the moon landing. This book, which was to be published as satire, slowly became the truth for Kaysing.

He said the probability of landing on the moon was .017 per cent and wrote the whole book on this presumption.


Sometimes conspiracy theories become a reality, and people start believing them; the same happened with the moon landing mission. Aldrin has also written the book Return to the Earth, in which he described his depression after the Apollo mission.  

How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname reader can share their views on different mission facts in the comment section.

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