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How Did Bruce Lee Pass Away try to sum up the death of Lee and the recent incident of prop gunfire at Dust movie sets.

The recent incident of prop gun misfire at the sets of Rust has raised a lot of questions regarding the safety of personnel working on the movie scene. Unfortunately, it is not the first incident of prop gun killing the people on sets; a similar misfire has killed an actor in the past also while shooting.

The tweet by the Bruce Lee family from Brandon Lee’s account of his similar death has generated a lot of interest in the people of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United States, and South Africa as to How Did Bruce Lee Pass Away.

Alec Baldwin Shoots Woman on Rust Set:

A gun misfire on the set of Rust has left one woman killed, and the other man directing the film was rushed to the hospital. Halyna Hutchins is the name of the photography director, who is killed by prop gun, and Joel Souza, aged 48, is the Director of the film injured by it.

When writing this article, Joel is being treated in hospital while Alec Baldwin has given his statement to Santa Fe Sheriff and was seen coming out of the police building in tears. Police are investigating the case, and family and friends of Hutchins are grieved and are waiting for the inquiry to conclude.

How Did Bruce Lee Pass Away?

The Tweet by Shannon, Bruce Lee’s daughter, which her heart goes for Halyna, Joel, and others involved in the Rust incident has also brought Bruce Lee’s death to light. Lee’s death is still a mystery, and every other person has their story about it. 

Previously, his mistress poisoned him, but later, the painkiller named Equagesic was held responsible for it. Some theories also point fingers towards the Chinese underworld that removed him for coming in their way of work.

Betty Ting Pei, the Taiwanese actress’s theory in his murder or death, appears to be closest to the truth. How Did Bruce Lee Pass Away is a big mystery, but Betty’s interview tried to clear some smoke from it.

Some other Incidents of Prop gun Misfire on Movie sets:

Shannon Tweet on Dust set misfire is an attempt to share the pain of her brother’s loss in 1993. Brandon Lee, her brother, was an actor, and while shooting a death scene for the movie, Crow got hit by a .44 bullet. 

During the autopsy, it was revealed that a real bullet hit Brandon, and later inquiry revealed that the same gun was used for a real shot earlier. Unfortunately, his bullet misfired and got stuck in the barrel, and while shooting for the movie, it hit him, leading to his death.

How Did Bruce Lee Pass Away will always be a puzzle for the general public as time has passed, and nobody wants to share the truth for several reasons of their own. First, we all lead our lives differently, and each is ashamed of revealing some personal fact about ourselves in public.

Final Verdict:

Betty Ting was closest to him while Lee was dying, and she knows the truth, but she has only said half-truth in her interview. Raymond Chow and Betty know all about the incident, but time has passed, and it’s hard to know the truth now, so How Did Bruce Lee Pass Away will keep intriguing us forever.

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