Hotekart Reviews {Dec} Is This A Legitimate Website?

The following research will let you know more about Hotekart Reviews and will tell all the important details.

People want a high standard of living nowadays, and for that, they want a place from where they can shop many items at low prices. One such store in the United States has all the items of one’s needs. From shoes to the wallet, from clothing items to gym equipment, here you can get every item at such a reasonable price. is one of those online stores which can surely satisfy your needs.

Hotekart Reviews are a must to inform you about, but first, we will give you a short description of the items offered by You can once experience this website by looking at the layout of this website.

Brief of is an online shopping store where people can buy various kinds of products from one place. What else one wants, you need to visit this site and shop unlimited products at such exciting prices. Products offered by them are:

  • Bags and wallets
  • Clothing items and shoes for men and women
  • Dumbbells

But do you know: Is Hotekart Legit? People want to know if this site is legit or a scam so that they can make any payment for their orders. Although, this website has a wonderful collection and the products are so catchy that you can’t resist yourself from this website.

Features of

  • Get wonderful bags from
  • Email Id:
  • Address details are as follows: 218 Southpark Circle, Colonial Heights, VA 23834, US.
  • There are no glimpse of contact details found on the layout of this website
  • There are no details regarding Hotekart Reviews found on the website’s collection.
  • Return Policy:
  • The website has a Thirty days return policy if found to be defective. 
  • It may take fourteen days to process the return.
  • Refund Policy:
  • Once an order is received and inspected, a refund will be processed.
  • Shipment Policy:
  • Takes 10-22 days to reach your product.
  • Visa Cards, Master Cards, American Express are accepted for payment, but PayPal is the recommended method.

Positive Highlights

  • Email and address details are shown.
  • Free shipping benefits can be enjoyed.

Negative Highlights

  • No contact details were found.
  • No customer reviews, as well as no page on the social platform found.
  • The inconvenient layout of the website.

Is Hotekart Legit?

No doubt, Hotekart is an amazing website with all the benefits available that one wants, but some details are necessary they must keep in mind. If you are searching for the legitimacy of this website, this article will help you a lot where you can find every detail in one place.

Important details are as follows:

  • Domain Registration: It got registered on November 28, 2020.
  • Index of Trust: 8% is the trust index which is not good.
  • Data safety: HTTPS server detected for safe transmission of data.
  • Feedbacks: There are no details regarding feedback like Hotekart Reviews found on the items.
  • Owner’s details: owner’s details are not found.
  • Social relationship: no social media handle related to this site was found.
  • Privacy Policy: quite valid privacy policy found on this website.

These details will be helpful for all the buyers, and they will know about the legitimacy of this site. And also, you must not share your bank account details as they could be a fraud. Many sellers are not trustworthy, and their main aim is to cheat the customers. Buyers may make payment, and they never receive the product they have ordered. 

Hotekart Reviews

This article includes all the details we found on, but still, there is some information like contact numbers and social media pages which are missing making it a dubious site. Moreover, details like address and email id are available in the ‘contact us section of the site. Not even a single customer’s review was found on this site, as well as no relevant reviews found on other sites. It has no popularity as per Alexa Rank. This indicates that hardly any buyer visited the site. 

For details regarding credit card scams, you can check this post.

Final Summary

Based on Hotekart Reviews, we found a very low trust score of this site and no information regarding the owner found, making it doubtful. Moreover, this site has less than two years of registration which is also a negative side of this site. You can find more details regarding Wallets on this link.

What are your ideas on Please tell us below.

For PayPal information, kindly check this post.

31 thoughts on “Hotekart Reviews {Dec} Is This A Legitimate Website?”

  1. Do not buy anything from this site They offer killer prices and are glad to take your money but no response to Email and no contact information is offered I had placed an order in Sep of this year and have not once received any contact from anyone Do your self a favor and stay away from this site . One unhappy and pissed off customer Im sure there will be more

    • Hello Dennis, Sorry to hear about the incident. They offer such discount tricks to attract customers and grab the money. Nowadays, scammers list had increased and people are losing money. Hope you get the order. Please keep updating so the buyers will be aware of it. Thanks for the information. Take care.

      • Hello James Moore, Nice to see you questioning. Buyers make your doubts clear and then proceed. You can check reviews whether they are genuine or not. The Products are of which quality. Get assured and buy it. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.

  2. This site gives an address to a mall in VA. I searched the mall to see what stores are in it. There is no listing of hotekarts. This website is offering a PlayStation 4 for $73. Sounded too good to be true so i did research and since i did not find a legit store at the address provided, decided it was a scam. Reading this page has only proved my decision right. Thanks for posting!

    • Hello Amy, Glad to know you are through this page before any action. Now you are away from scammers. Your information will be much helpful to the buyers. Henceforth, buyers will be aware reading your comment. Your decision was right. Take care.

    • I got scammed and no way to get money back from Hotekart. Placed a order on November 5 and still haven’t recieved. Sent numerous emails to their contact. Surprise, surprise. No response!! Don’t order!!

      • Hello Jill Sienkiewicz, it’s a long-time gap backorder. If no reply from them, try for a refund option. Check if it works. Drop the updates. It will help the other individuals to stay alert. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  3. I tried to find this store at the address Southpark Cir, Colonial Heights, VA 23834. I did not find a store hotekart at the address provided

    • Hello maria Jimenez, Ohh, This is so terrible. Did you get your order? The scammers have made their way so easier to escape. The buyers invest and then have to face headache. At last, the buyers will be disappointed. It seems fake. We try our best to bring awareness among the buyers. Let us know if you get any information. Be alert. Take care.

    • Hello Lisa orts, You said it right, no one has ever received any order or response. They should be caught and sites to be banned. Buyers spread awareness and alert them. It will be good to be away from a headache. Check with the payment company for a refund. Might be they can help you. Please drop updates. Thanks and take care.

  4. This is diffinately a SCAM. I had my band, check it out and it is definitely a scam. DO BUY FROM THIS SITE. They give me a tracking # for my shipment that “supposed was delivered” NOTHING has been delivered. So they also have something going on with UPS also.

  5. I’m glad I found this before I made an order. I really appreciate the post. Just saved me from spending money I can’t afford to lose.

    • Hello Ricky, we feel happy you are through reviews before any transaction and saved your money. Buyers, it is always recommended to check the portal reviews and then decide whether to proceed or not. Thanks for the update. Take care. Regards.

  6. Need to stop this outfit from selling anymore. Received a usps tracking # but has not been picked up or delivered after 5 days. They do not reply to my emails to cancel so will go thru cc to get money back. Please someone block them on internet so they cant rip people off.

  7. DO NOT order from it’s a scam! They finally sent me a tracking # – when I tracked it said my product delivered 2 weeks ago. When I contacted USPS they said my tracking # does not match the address on my tracking #. These people are professional SCAMMERS I do believe! Then today I set another email from them, a copy of the 1st email confirming my order and they will let me know when it ships! Grrrrr

    • Hello Tena Jones, it’s terrible. Did you receive your order? They have several reasons to tackle the situation. They are much smarter and cheat the buyers. So, it is advisable, stay alert and cautious. Thanks. Take care.

  8. I ordered 2 PlayStation 4s an I haven’t received anything from them not even an email this is not right now I have 2 kids that will not be getting their PlayStation an I’m out of $100 I’m so pissed and it was their Christmas gift I’ll never do this again

    • Hello angelina Marie rivera, feel very nervous, it’s a huge amount. You ordered it for your kids and they did not get it. Did you try for a refund? It is highly advisable to check with a genuine website and then proceed. Hope your kids get gifts soon. Please update here. Take care. Thanks.

    • Hello Carol Lynn Jackson, Thanks for the information. Did you get any response mail from them? Nowadays, many tricks are handled by scammers and the buyers are not aware of them. Did you try for a refund from the payment company? You said it correctly, they offer discounts, earn money, and disappear easily. So, please stay away. Take care. Thanks.

  9. Do not buy from this site. It is a scam. They sent me bogus shipping information so when I disputed the payment with PayPal, they initially denied my claim. After appealing and speaking with someone (actually alive), they sided in my favor and refunded my credit card. If you pay through PayPal, just give them a call and explain all the ways you tried to get your money back…maybe they’ll be sympathetic to your case as well. Best of luck.

    • Hello Sara, Glad to know you got the refund amount. It can be suggested, when you think doubtful about any portal, don’t waste time, try to get your money back. You can save the money and repurchase it from genuine ones. Thanks. Take care.

  10. do NOT buy from them! it’s all a scam! fake phone numbers, fake emails, fake domain registrant info.. i had to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back…

  11. I was stupid and ordered a set of dumbbells from them and still haven’t received my order. Their customer support team never replied to my emails. I’m very disappointed.


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