Horuste Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or Scam?

Horuste Online Website Reviews

If you are looking for an online site to buy shoes, check our Horuste Reviews; we assure you it will guide you thoroughly.

Folks, are you interested in collecting shoes? Many people have a different collection of shoes in their house. Some love to arrange their shoes according to their styles, and some love to color coordinate. So, today our topic is based on a website named Horuste that sells shoes to its customers, and people in the United States are also curious to know its legitimacy.

So, our job here is to find out the website’s legitimacy so that the customers can shop from this site peacefully. And, we will inform the details via Horuste Reviews, so don’t miss it.

What Is Horuste?

This website is a shopping-based site that offers shoes. They provide different sorts of shoes for both men and women. They have sneakers, sandals, loafers, etc. Besides offering shoes, they also have one or two decoration products. Their company has mentioned that they are a new type of e-commerce company. But this website hasn’t provided any information regarding their owner.

This is just the beginning of our discussion, we have a lot to cover, and the main points are yet to come. So, if you have gained interest by now, look forward to it as now the main question will arise Is Horuste Legit or not.

Specifications or Particulars of Horuste

  • Products Offered- shoes and a few decorative products.
  • Website Link- https://www.horuste.com/
  • Website Age- The website was founded on 2021/10/14.
  • Payment Options- One payment option is available is PayPal.
  • Delivery Options- Four shipping methods available are Free Shipping, Standard Shipping, Fast Shipping, and International Expedited Shipping.
  • Shipping Timing- Standard Shipping takes 2-4 weeks, Fast Shipping takes 1-3 weeks, and International Expedited Shipping takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Newsletter- The newsletter option is given for updates to the customers.
  • Refund Policy- Refund will take 14 business days.
  • Email Id- check this out service@horuste.com via Horuste Reviews.
  • Contact Number- 442081233186
  • Return Policy- Products can be returned within 45 days.
  • Exchange Policy- no option available.
  • Contact Address- London, England, Greater London, WC1X 8BP, 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road

The next stage will be about the merits and demerits of shopping from this site.

Merits of Horuste

  • The HTTPS protocol has secured the website.
  • The website’s URL name and Portal name are similar.

Demerits of Horuste

  • The website has only one payment option.
  • They do not have active social media presence.
  • No owner information is available.
  • Trust Score is below average.
  • Their contact details are not genuine.
  • No customer reviews are available yet.

Is Horuste Legit Or A Fake Site?

With the help of some factors that we will discuss in a few, everything will get clear about the website’s legitimacy. So, we will draw the parameters via which you will learn about it.

  • Trust Rank- No Trust Ranking is available.
  • Policies- All the guidelines are given.
  • Website Cessation Date- The website will cease to exist on 2022/10/14.
  • Content Quality- The About us content is 100% copy and paste.
  • Address Authentication- The company address was found on another fake website, and hence it is not genuine.
  • Social Media Platform- Know via Horuste Reviews no active accounts were found.
  • Customer Feedback- No reviews available yet.
  • Website Foundation Date- The website came into existence on 2021/10/14.
  • Discounts- Discounts are given.
  • Trust Score– Trust Score is only 1%.

Customers’ Reviews

Customer review is a vital point while judging a website’s validity. It shares people’s thoughts about any online site or its products. But while checking this website, we didn’t cross any customer reviews. Their no reviews anywhere, not on any genuine site or their site. Also, there is no evaluation found of this website.

If you are looking for a way to get your refund back via PayPal, check-in our Horuste Reviews. Moreover, if you have any further questions regarding this site, you can share your thoughts in the feedback section below.


In our final stage, let’s sum up everything we learned through our discussion. The Horuste is a young site that offers shoes. This website has only one payment mode and doesn’t have social media links. But the most crucial factor it misses is the customer reviews; hence it is not trustworthy. So, we conclude this website as a questionable one.

And, if you are looking to learn how to get money-back via credit card, read here in the Horuste Reviews.

14 thoughts on “Horuste Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or Scam?

  1. Shoes are poorly constructed & do not fit. Uncomfortable at the ankle forefront. Hardly any padding in soles!

    1. Hello Kenneth Viar, such disappointing. Sorry to hear. It’s good you check with familiar portals and then deal. Nowadays, such scams are taking place and the buyers are losing money. You can check with payment company. Be aware. Take care.

    1. Hello Bruce Nelson, It’s been a long time. If you check reviews of other buyers, they also received their order late. They faced many issues with the order. The products are not as advertised, have no quality, etc. Hope you receive the right order.

  2. I placed an order over 30 days ago and it hasn’t arrived nor does it show they have left for processing. I hate to think this is just another deception but apparently it is. Now begins the process of returning my money. Using the excuse this is a young company does not explain poor service, lack of information, and a time line thst passes the birthday I placed this ordered for,

  3. ordered a hummingbird feeder with perch and built in ant moat for 25.00. when order arrives I received a red plastic tube with 6 holes drilled in it and corks in the end. Far from what I ordered. They tell me I am unhappy with there best selling item and it will cost me 20.00 to return it. They will not refund my money or send me the ordered item. Buyer Beware!!!

    1. Hello Ed Garrison, We feel bad to hear about such incidents. We know how you must be feeling. Did you try to reach them through any communication? If not, check if it works, else go for a refund option.

  4. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes 5/4/2022 – I got the email that my charge card was charged and paid through PayPal – I have yet to receive acknowledgement that I even ordered these shoes, let alone when they will arrive – as I read here I may apply for a refund – cancelling the order – I do believe my charge card will reverse the charges as this is most likely ranking in the “scam” column !

  5. My response is stay away from this company. I am presently in a disagreement with the about the guarantee Free shipping and returns. They want me to return the shoes at my expense AND mail them to China. They need to send a prepaid label and I’ll gladly send their crap back to them.The problem is, THEY don’t want their own crap. I’m letting my credit card handle the issue as I have sent the several links to reviews of how Horuste works as well as emails to me where they say they rarely give back refunds. Now THAT I believe. STAY CLEAR OF THEM.

  6. CHEAPLY MADE, Do yourself a big favor and don’t waste your time or money on this skimpy shoe. I will grant that the photo of the shoe was very good and very misleading .

    1. Hello Everett L. Graves, This are all common tricks, scammers use it everyday and tackle all cases. The scammers offer discounts, provide low quality products, earn huge money and disappear.

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