Horace Wolf Reviews {Jan 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?

If you’re a potential online buyer, read this Horace Wolf Reviews that claims to provide you with good deals. So check, Is it safe to shop or not?

If you love to shop electronics online, you have heard of Horace Wolf. If yes, you will probably find this site amazing as it offers a good deal on all products. So, do you think it is legit? Or are you searching for its genuine reviews that tell you about its legitimacy? 

Whatever your query regarding this website, we will share all the updates we have checked with the United States and United Kingdom audience. This helps you decide whether to shop from this store or not. Let’s read Horace Wolf Reviews.

What is Horace Wolf?

Horace Wolf is an eCommerce platform for electronic goods. It was established in 2018 and enjoyed pride in delivering top-quality products to consumers at a good price. As per their about us page, their goal is to sell the products at a cost-effective price to ensure everyone can take benefit of technology. 

You will find an array of products such as electronic erasers, in-styler, kitchen appliances, decorative items, and more on the site. Moreover, all are very good, i.e., $19-$50. We all get excited with such great deals, but Is Horace Wolf Legit? Let’s check.

Specifications of Horace Wolf

  • Official website URL- https://www.horacewolf.com/
  • Customer support mail- Support@horacewolf.com
  • Type of Website- E-commerce 
  • Payment options- Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal
  • Social Media Presence- No
  • Physical Address- Not Mentioned
  • Business Hours- Mon-Fri (9 AM-5PM)
  • Contact Number- Not Mentioned
  • Privacy policy- Mentioned, but not clear.
  • Refund policy- Mentioned & given 14 days’ money-back Guarantee.
  • Shipping policy- 3-4 weeks, 3-10 days order processing and 4ps shipping. 

Pros of Horace Wolf

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Easy payment option
  • Array of products
  • Special discount option

Cons of Horace Wolf

  • Negative Horace wolf reviews 
  • The website has not shared the owner details
  • Contact number is missing
  • The domain is linked to many countries, which is a sign of a fraudulent website

How to place your order at Horace Wolf?

If you want to place your order at Horace Wolf, follow the given steps. 

  1. Visit the official website and create your account.
  2. Here enter the email address and add a password. 
  3. Once the email is verified, you will be able to place your order hassle-free. 

However, one can place the order without creating an account as a guest buyer. But the website shows a member can take benefits of login. 

Is Horace Wolf Legit?

  • The domain age of the website is one year and seven days old. It was created on 2020-11-17. 
  • The website represents Too Good deals, which is a sign of trappers and most people fall into easily. 
  • The trust index of the Horace Wolf is 1%, which is awful.
  • The domain of Horace is linked with multiple countries’ domains, and it falls in the fraudulent category. 
  • The customer support email refers to a free email service, which does not reply to your queries. 
  • The Alexa rank of the site is poor, i.e., 1,070,836. 
  • No social media links are present on its official website.

With the given pointers, you can easily identify the highly suspicious site.  

What are Horace Wolf Reviews?

To come up with a clear idea, we have checked this site thoroughly and found the site seems a scam. Instead of reliable website, we haven’t found any customer reviews on its official website and other social media portals. These people say that the site is a complete scam as they do not respond to your queries or even do not give you confirmation on order. 

Moreover, no one has received their orders yet. They provide tracking info, but that reflects only 3-4 days delivery time. We can say that you should not shop from the site in such a case. Most importantly, the site does not mention their physical address and contact details. 

More on Horace Wolf Reviews are only, beware of such scam sites and don’t fall into the traps of fraudulent and know how to spot fraud website  

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The Bottom Line

Online shopping is easy until you are doing it from a genuine website. Hence, we can conclude that Horace Wolf is not legit with the above information. It is a big scam working on too good a deals scheme. Thus, we suggest everyone check the authenticity of the site before shopping. =

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23 thoughts on “Horace Wolf Reviews {Jan 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?”

  1. I have some really great advice for anyone who even thinks that something is a scam, especially if you’re wanting to buy something! ALWAYS email that company that you are skeptical about to see if they respond. If they don’t respond, there’s your answer. But also, even if they do reply quickly, if their website has no social media accounts or phone numbers, or addresses, those are HUGE red flags! I used to be so trusting when I first shopping online and then my husband started making me realize how I was getting scammed!! Pay close attention to a website that you are wanting to purchase something from! If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!!!

    • Hello Melanie, totally agree with your comment. Have you placed any orders from this portal? Thanks for such a detailed message, you have drafted many points that one individual should check before any online transaction. Buyers, go through this information to get a clear idea. Keep updating us. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

    • Hello Christine, How did it go to the wrong address? Did you get any clue, where it’s delivered? So, if possible, you can check for the respective location. Please drop a comment to know the exact details. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

  2. Ordered a kids electric car toy over a month ago and still haven’t received can’t get in contact with anyone. Please send me a number to contact asap please

  3. I am still waiting for 2 adult go carts to be delivered ya’ll sent email saying they were in country but still have been delevered. I ordered these 11/24/21 could you please help me with this problem?? thank you

  4. Ordered a kids electric car toy October 18, 2021 and still haven’t received can’t get in contact with anyone. The shipping Company (Rookie super economy global) seems to be scamming with them. Tracking number may be used with 100s or 1,000s of orders!! shipped, goes from CA, to another state, then to small town, insufficient address, return to sender, in transient to next facility. USPS verified, camera scan at tracking station was NOT my address! Working with PayPal for refund.

    • Hello Frank, thanks for the valuable update. These are the tricks used by scammers to earn money without any hard work. Try for a refund. Please drop an update, if you get your money back. Thanks. Take care.

  5. I ordered an electric car for my grand daughter for Christmas on Nov 24,2021 and I still have not received this gift yet my baby girl is consently asking when is her gift coming from me and her look broke my heart. my patient is wearing thin

  6. Hi I order three for my grandchildren on December 12th and still haven’t received anything yet who do I need to contact for a refund

    • Hello Rita Bradley, we feel bad, even kid’s products are not dispatched. It can be suggested, check with your payment company, however, you paid it. They will help you in a better way. Please update here, once you get a refund amount. Thanks.

  7. I have the same thing…..been waiting and tracking it and it was sent to the wrong address and can’t get ahold of anybody. Can’t call can’t email nothing!!!


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