Hoooyi Reviews (Nov 2022) Another Scam Site Or Legit One

The told article, Hoooyi Reviews, attempts to provide our users an insight into credibility and help our users in their quest to find a legitimate site. 

Did a light cotton shirt with bright stripes catch your eye while scrolling? Or found that hoodie you always wanted to buy is on sale at Hooyi.com, and you are looking for a quick review before you rush into the payment? Yes! It is essential to find out the site’s credibility before we shop.

Here are some insights regarding Hoooyi Reviews. It is a small effort to provide some basic details to assist you. The e-commerce shopping portal was established in the United States and is known for men’s apparel.

What is Hoooyi.com?

An Online Shopping Platform offers a wide range of Men’s T-Shirts, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Coats, Jackets, Pants, and Two-piece wear.

Portals possess a strong sense of design, from fashionable florals to bright stripes, vibrant shades to sobers. The fine fabric, temperamental to wear, is just a perfect fit for contemporary young men.

But before spending on the colorful description, let’s put forward an important question: Is Hoooyi Legit or a hoax?

An introductory survey of Hooyi.com:

  • Website URL- https://www.hoooyi.com/
  • The Domain launch date- It was launched on -26-8-2020
  • The Domain End date- Online domain will end on 26-08-2026
  • Email address- hi@hoooyi.com
  • Official address-Shoppers did not find any map or store address anywhere on the site.
  • Phone number-Buyers cannot solve any query by communicating to customer care because the contact number is missing.
  • Shipping policy-It different for the UK, US, AUS, CAN, and international orders, while for India-15 to 30 days delivery policy.
  • Shipping Cost-Charges based on package’s weight.
  • Free shipping-It is provided only for selected goods.
  • Return policy- 15-days return policy is available.
  • Social media icon- Hoooyi Reviews shows websites containing social media sites logos.
  • Refund policy- Buyers get a full refund within certain working days.
  • Non-refundable goods-not been specified anywhere on the site.
  • Cancellation Policy- not specified.
  • Payment modes- PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, etc.

Definite aspects of Hoooyi.com-

  • Multiple payment modes are allowed that are easy to access for buyers.
  • Several shoppers’ friendly policies are available like return, refund, etc.

Denial Aspects of Hoooyi.com-

  • No Official phone number or Address is found anywhere on the website.
  • The e-commerce trading portal does not tell the name of its owner.
  • It has not mentioned the detail about custom duty, return cost, etc.
  • It is lacking in Alexa ranking.
  • Domain possesses a poor trust index.

Some Technical references point to answer your question: Is Hoooyi Legit?

For the frequent online purchaser, it needs to verify all the credible points of the website to save themselves from any considerable money loss. So here we are discussing crucial points to know all the detail about the domain. Let’s see-

  • The site was created on 26/8/2020, and it is 1 year,5 months, 25 days old.
  • The portal will be going to vanish on 26/8/2026.
  • The trust score is just 14%, below average, and leaves a harmful impact.
  • We found that the domain has copied 90% of the subject matter from another similar site.
  • As per the Hoooyi Reviews, the product quality was poor, returns were nonfunctional, and the site closed the account.
  • The owner’s information is not specified anyplace inside the domain.
  • The website has social media logos of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. The logos are functional. Facebook has 2000+ followers. Promotional pages are active and got reviews here.
  • We couldn’t find an Alexa Ranking for the website.
  • The main thing is domain has developed individual sheets for every policy.

Henceforth from the above details, we are not sure that the site is authentic or any replica domain.

Do you know what addresses Hoooyi Reviews?

After analyzing the multiple standards, Hoooyi.com seems to be active in business, but in the absence of an official address and contact number, customers may face problems regarding returns and refunds. However, we got clients mixed reviews from the social sites and another reviewing site. Clients need to verify- Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam. 

It contains a poor trust score that comprises many buyers who do not trust it. Even it cannot create more online traffic; its ranking is missing on Alexa.

The Closing Statement:

The write-up on Hoooyi Reviews will help buyers to understand the domain. Check out some deals at Hooyi – Sunflower Graphic Print Summer Shirts  and get detail on –Get Your Money Back From PayPal, If Scammed before you go ahead. 

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