Hood County Fires {March} Find Evacuation Plan Details

This article describes a rapidly spreading wildfire that affected a constituency in Texas and the official rescue operations. Read more on Hood County Fires.

Are you looking for more details regarding the ongoing wildfire destroying acres of forest? If so, let’s look in-depth into the current case scenarios related to the topic and the official information on the rescue operations.

Citizens of the United States and other parts of the world are shocked by the massive destruction of forests, eliminating various living beings associated with the forest ecosystem.

Let’s look deep dive into this highly relevant topic and evaluate the current situation and updates of Hood County Fires.

About WildFire in Hood

Hood county is one of the most affected counties apart from Eastland and Erath. The fire force officials declare evacuation orders to protect the people and their live stocks from a disaster. People residing in high-risk areas shiftedto nearby shelters listed by the officials.

 The wind is pushing the fire to newer areas increasing the rate of speed of the wildfire. A firefighter involved in the rescue operation got injured. Roger Deeds officially announced the injury, Hood County Sheriff on 20th March 2022. Read more on Hood County Texas.

Shelter and Evacuation Process

  • The residents of Lipan are advised to leave their houses and find a place in the nearby shelters until the wildfire settles.
  • The official deputies from the Hood County Sheriff visited the residents of Lipan in person to explain the seriousness of the current case scenario. 
  • The office of the County Sherriff listed the list of shelter homes available for the resident.
  • The firefighters and government officials are continuously working to reduce the impact made by the vigorous wildfire.
  • More people are expected to reside in shelter homes, considering the fast spread of fire to new areas.

Hood County Fires

  • The residents of Tolar and Lipan are the ones who are most likely to get affected by the spreading wildfire with the support of wind.
  • The government officials under the County Sherriff arranged three main shelters on Granbury to accommodate the residents.  
  • National Weather Service also warned the residents by providing urgent fire warnings on multiple locations.

Shelter Options for Hood Residents

  • 1st Christian church located at 2109 West Hwy in 377 Granbury.
  • 1st United Methodist Church situated at 301 Loop in 567 Granbury.
  • YMCA is located at 1475 Rd in Granbury. Read about Hood County Fires.
  • Another notable shelter is available at the church of Jesus Christ situated on Ros Lane Granbury 1226.
  • Camp Cruis is located at Granbury.
  • Apart from the shelter houses, temporary camping stations are also arranged to accommodate more people affected by the fire.
  • A camping station is provided to the affected residents on Somervell Expo, Glen Rose.  


Wildfires can be highly disastrous if not appropriately controlled, and the residents of Hood County are shifted to respective shelter homes as a part of the evacuation process. To know more, kindly check.

Have you read about Hood County Fires? Please comment on your personal opinion on the uncontrolled fire.

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