Hometmall Reviews {March} Read Now If It Is Scam Or Not?

Hometmall Online Website Reviews

Are you looking for a new espresso machine? Are you a food lover? This post is best for you to connect with the same shopper’s Hometmall Reviews.

Are you crazy about the kinds of seafood? Do you want to eat truffles? Here, you can read the same information, so stay tuned until the article’s end.

Nowadays, home delivery of the food items are very trendy we can eat the food of our choice any time at home just with one click. In many countries, including the United Stateshome delivery of food items makes easy people life.

So here we have a portal that holds a variety of food items that you can try with just one click on your order. But before you must check shopper’s Hometmall Reviews.

What is Hometmall?

Hometmall is the shopping portal of prepared food items like a roe, caviar, seafood plates, meats, dry goods, etc., for the United States peoplesYou can go through the Hometmall URL to check the products. There is also a big hot sale is running on the website.

Currently, the prices of the items are meager, so you can try over there to buy before placing an order. Try to find out more about the website: Is Hometmall Legit or scam? And also, check the features of the portal.

Specifications About Hometmall 

  • The URL of the website is https://www.hometmall.net/.
  • The email support is given on the webpage, i.e., regalisfoods@gmail.com.
  • The contact number of the company is (+1)845-976-4640.
  • The working hour details are also shared on the portal, i.e., 10: 00-17: 00. Regular Holidays on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.
  • The primary office location has been shared, i.e., 4446 Bingamon Branch Road, New York, NY, US.
  • The items available on the website are roe, caviar, kinds of seafood, meats, dry goods, and much more.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc., links have been present on the main page, but all are redirected to the website, which only means no pages available on social networking sites.
  • Customer’s Hometmall Reviews section is entirely blank, no lines extant anywhere.
  • The website is accepting 30 days’ return/refunds on a few particular items.
  • You can make the payment by PayPal, and only online payment mode is available.
  • The website has the security papers by protocols.

Favorable Aspects 

  • All the communication points like contact number, company address, email support, etc., are extant.
  • Hot sale is going on, so prices are very reasonable.
  • HTTPs and SSL secure the website.
  • Here you can track your order by tracking number.

Unfavorable Aspects

  • Shopper’s Hometmall Reviews are not visible on any portal.
  • All the social media links redirect to the main page, so there is no activity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • The website is just four days old.
  • The website is securing a bad trust rank and index.
  • The given company address is not showing on the google map.
  • You can pay online with only a single currency, $US.

Let us check the website’s authenticity before placing your order and check another point in detail.

Is Hometmall Legit or a Scam?

We have pointed to conclude its legitimacy. Lets us have a look,

  • The domain creation time is too new, i.e., 15/03/2022.
  • The expiration date is 15/03/2023.
  • The website has a 1% trust score.
  • The website is securing 48.5 out of 100 trust rank.
  • The founder information is not available anywhere.
  • Social networking sites are not having any page of the portal, so there is no publicity.
  • The shopper’s feedback does not found, so wait for it.

We can say the portal looks questionable because of the points mentioned above, so wait for the reviews and do research well.

Shopper’s Hometmall Reviews

Hometmall is claiming a collection of food items and a few more items like espresso machines.

We explore the internet to reach the points from the experienced users, but there are no lines available anywhere, so it is hard to windup its reality so wait till the lines arrive.

Also, check how to secure your amount from paypal.


In the final lines, we can say the portal is too new and has no shopper’ Hometmall Reviews anywhere, given misguiding company address, unrealistic discount, and much more. So buy any item at your own risk.

Before shopping, know how to protect your money from a credit card.

Do you have any items from Hometmall? Please pen down your mindset in the below lines.

2 thoughts on “Hometmall Reviews {March} Read Now If It Is Scam Or Not?

  1. This company is a scam. Don’t be fooled by the price. Don’t order from them. Unfortunately, I made that mistake.

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