Hometica Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Before you make your plan to buy from Hometica, read the proper Hometica Reviews to check its legitimacy and then decide whether to prefer it or not.

Are you interested in buying cleaning products for your household under one umbrella?

It is an online shop that offers you various products and services like kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning. The shop also supports organizing your bedroom and kitchen. Also does your laundry services etc.  

The name of this virtual shop or service provider is Hometica. Many customers from Australia are taking service from this online shop.

So, we decided to search the information about this shop and find out core data by doing proper Hometica Reviews

Our motive is to give our readers a good and accurate idea about Hometica online shop. 

What is Hometica? 

The first step is to know about this online shop. 

As per the survey, we understand Hometica is an online shop offering cleaning products to customers. Homiletical generally sells kitchen, toilet, and bedroom cleaning products. 

Besides this, they also offer kitchen, bedroom, and restroom organized products like hand-woven storage, cloth folding board, jewellery storage box, etc. So America offers various kinds of products online. 

But we need to check and clarify Is Hometica Legit or a scam? 

The Basic Information about Hometica. co

Let’s find out its primary organizational data. 

Domain Date – 05/08/2021

  • URL of the Website– https://hometica.co/
  • Office Address– Suite 2 / Level 10 45 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Product types – BBQ cleaning brick, cake décor piping set, grout attack brush, space saver hanger etc. 
  • Contact Number– Not provided. 
  • Modes of payment– American Express, Visa, Master Card, After pay, etc. 
  • Return Policy– 45 days return to rule. 
  • Refund Procedure– Conditional refund rules available. 
  • Exchange Rules– Exchange rules are also conditional. 
  • Delivery Charge– As per the Hometica Reviewsthe company uses a free USPS delivery policy, but the shipping charge is not mentioned. 

Shipping Norms – Delivery generated after the full payment is received. 

  • Social Media Activeness– Active on various social media platforms. 

Why Do You Buy from the Shop? 

There are many reasons that you can buy from this online shop. 

  1. America offers varieties of products. 
  2. USPS and free delivery.
  3. Offer customer support 24/7.
  4. Customers can win 10 percent discount on the first purchase. 

The Cons of Buying from the Site

As we are already doing the Hometica Reviewswe find many negative views that stop your buying decision from Hometica. co. Here are the focus points. The shop doesn’t have a valid phone number. 

  1. On the website, they only offer one email id. 
  2. The customer support information is not only given. 
  3. The authority does not clear the refund and exchange policy. 
  4. The delivery rules are not mentioned on the website. 
  5. Hometica has mentioned “Help Centre” on the website, but the site’s management provides no helpful information. 
  6. The items or products are very expensive. 

Is Hometica Legit

Let’s check the following points and try to find out the answer. 

Domain Date: The website’s domain date was in August 2021. It is still new in the market. 

  • Trust Score– The website has a 1 percent trust score. It is the worst trust score.  
  • Contact Details– Office address and email id mentioned on the official site. 
  • Owner’s Details– Details are found missing. 
  • Social Media Icons– They are active on social media. The icons are working
  • Customer Review– All the reviews published on the site are positive feedback, which makes this website a suspicious one. 
  • Website Policy– As per the website policy, they offer a 45 days return policy, with some conditions. They don’t allow payment on delivery options. 

Hometica Reviews  

As per the customer’s feedback, we find mixed reviews. Some websites have given positive reviews, and others offer negative reviews about this site. 

But on the official website, they published some feedback, but that looks like they have used internal reviewing system, as mostly positive reviews are present. So, we can’t comment on anything positive about the site. 

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The Last Thought

We have discussed details about the Hometica website. After doing all the data search and proper Hometica Reviewsthe website gets very mixed feedback, making it a legit one. 

But absence of many details and presence of a shallow trust score make this online shop very doubtful and distrustful. So, as a responsible reviewer, we can only recommend our readers stop buying from the site. 

You can know more about the online buying process.  

Have You Ever Bought Products Online? What was your experience? 

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