Hokass Reviews {May} Check, Is This Site Legitimate?

Hokass Online Website Reviews

Do you want lightweight shoes? You can connect here with the right portal and know about the shopper’s Hokass Reviews.

Are you a sports lover? Do you want to buy comfortable shoes for your walk? Nowadays, due to the office work or sitting, we have almost zero physical activity, so we need to do some exercise or running in sphere time to work on our health. We can get many comfortable outfits and shoes for exercise, sports, etc., worldwide, including in the United States.

Here we connect you with a portal, i.e., Hokass, which holds a unique collection of shoes, sandals, etc., at very low prices. Let us watch the other points, including shopper’s Hokass Reviews.

What is Hokass?

Hokass is an ecommerce podium that has recently launched, selling products like shoes and sandals for men and women worldwide, like in the United States.

Hokass is the best website for shoes as you can get two pairs of shoes for under $100. There is no need to pay for your shipping means free shipping.

We are required to collect more information before starting shopping if we go through the online shopping portal, so we must check the website reality: Is Hokass Legit or Scam?

Specifications About Hokass

  • The website has mentioned the email address in the contact us details, i.e., support@customerafter.com.
  • The URL for the website is https://www.hokass.com/.
  • The company address has not been shared, so it is hard to find the location. Also, we can not make a direct call to them as no contact number has been mentioned.
  • It is offering products with the brand name Hoka. Products like Sandel, shoes for both men and women.
  • We explore the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest icons that have been mentioned in the description of the products on the website. But no one is active.
  • There are no Hokass Reviews available on the verified portal by users and not even on another website.
  • It has taken around 20 to30 days for the shipping the delivery.
  • You can apply for a return or refund on your dissatisfaction within 30 days.
  • Hokass is holding certificates from HTTPs and SSL integration for security.

Favorable Aspects

  • The products look so attractive as so many color options and sizes are available.
  • A big discount sale is running on the website as you can get two pairs for less than $100.
  • Hokass is fully secured, so there is no issue with security.

Unfavorable Aspects

  • User’s Hokass Reviews section is fully OFF as no feedback is available on the trust pilot, website, or portal.
  • We cannot communicate directly as no contact number is available, and also, there is no availability of the office address.
  • There is no activity on the social networking sites, so it has no traffic anywhere, not even on the portal.
  • The user interface is also very basic and not attractive at all.

Let us move ahead and try to check the authenticity of the main page.

Is Hokass Legit or Scam?

  • The website has just launched on 21/04/2022, not completed one month.
  • It will get closed next year on 21/04/2023.
  • On the internet, it is securing zero trust rank out of 100.
  • It is holding the trust index of 1% only.
  • We have no idea about the owner as no information is exposed on the website regarding the company’s founder.
  • No feedback is extant anywhere. Trust pilot is fully blank.
  • Social media is inactive, so there is no traffic, no publicity anywhere.
  • There are data on the website copied, so be careful.
  • We can say, please do well research before placing any order as maximum aspects are not favorable.

User’s Hokass Reviews

Hokass is claiming products with Hoka shoes and sandals for males and females. A huge collection is available on the website in the sale, so prices are very affordable.

As we know, once we think about online shopping, our first step is to go through the past reviews section. 

So same we did and tried to collect points from experienced users, but no feedback extant anywhere. So please check the details sharply and save your money from PayPal, so be aware of the links

Wrapping Up

Finally, we collected some data to conclude this post, such as new domain creation date, zero trust rank, products like shoes, no shopper’s Hokass Reviewsno company address, discount available, no contact number, and so on. So, the site seems suspicious.

So please read how to secure an amount in case of fraud from a credit card.

Are you using the shoes of Hoka? If really, please try to mention your experience in the chat block.

2 thoughts on “Hokass Reviews {May} Check, Is This Site Legitimate?

  1. Definitely a scam site. I foolishly ordered two pair May 10. I emailed them the next day and said to cancel my order. A couple days later I got an email from a suspicious name claiming they were trying to help me get in touch with the relevant people about my order. I again replied to cancel my order and issue a refund. The SAME email sender replied to me… ‘we’ve been in business a long time, we don’t deceive our customers, all products are authentic and guaranteed, “you should trust us.” Ha! So I turned to PayPal and opened a claim. They sent the vendor a message stating that they had to reply within 10 days. They didn’t. PayPal refunded my money.

    1. Hello Shirley, did you find any return policy on the website. Once the product is delivered, they have no impact how you received and all. So please check if you can get the required one. Thanks and Regards.

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