Hileben Reviews {Sep 2022} Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

This write-up discusses Hileben Reviews and other essential factors to determine its legitimacy and other related details.

Are you looking for cute dressing trends for your puppies? Do you want a cute outfit for your puppy? If your answer is yes, here’s the best collection. Do you live in the United StatesThen you are on the right page of your web. 

Let us not waste time and grab the latest collection from here only, and before getting into this web portal, we will help you find the website’s authenticity. So, let’s look into the Hileben Reviews. Stay connected with this article to know the best. 

About the website of the hileben.com 

This website deals with the puppy’s stuff. As we researched about the same, we have found that it is not an old website but a new one that claims to sell all things related to puppy stuff and that to one a cost of priceless. 

It seems to be a little doubtful. But to clear all the suspensions, let us look into the specifications: 


  • Website- hileben.com 
  • Website URL- https://www.hileben.com/ 
  • Email Address- hilebenservice@gmail.com
  • Contact number – No contact has been found, which raised the question of whether: Is Hileben Legit or not? 
  • Shipping Policy- every item that is ordered will be shipped from the company in 3 days, and those days must be working  
  • Return Policy- If you do not like the product or are unsatisfied, you can file a return online. 
  • Refund Policy- The amount will be refunded to the concerned account within 7 working days. 
  • Visiting Address: No address is mentioned on the official website or anywhere else. 
  • Social Media Handles- accounts are managed on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. 
  • Payment Options- One can pay via Credit or Debit card, but the only option is PayPal.  

Pros according to Hileben Reviews

  • This website provides a user-friendly “get your cash back” payment option.
  • The Validity of the SSL certificate.
  • According to DNS Filter, this is a secure website.
  • According to Flash start, this web page does not contain malware or scams.

Cons to see the legitimacy of the website 

  • The owner of this portal is using a paid service to hide its details on WHOIS platform.
  • According to Tranco, this website has a meagre Alexa ranking.
  • This website is such a new portal to trust on the name only. 
  • The website offers only a single payment method. 

Check About Portal: Is Hileben Legit? 

  • Domain Age: The website is not very old; we found it to be just 2 months old. 7/7/2022. 
  • Expiry Date: Like every website, it will expire after a year. It is on 7/7/2023. 
  • Trust Score: Trust Score is half of the total, and it is only 53%. 
  • Trust Index: It is terrible as we found it to be only 2% out of 100% 
  • Connections: Ratings show that the connections of the company are minimal. 
  • WHOIS Data: it is found but will be suggested to be aware as they are risky for the users. 
  • Hileben ReviewsReviews say that the store looks too good to be accurate and seems fake. 
  • Popularity: The website has tried enough to get famous but failed in getting one. 

It is not possible to judge a news business only because it’s new. We may look into more details about the website to discover reality and authenticity. To see that, we must look into the customer reviews.

What is the Customers’ Feedback?

The website doesn’t hold any internal review section. Still, as we found, many trustworthy websites provide Hileben Reviews regarding all the websites; according to them, this is an unmanaged website, and reviews are zero. Eventually, this website doesn’t own any proper reviews.

According to some trusted portals, we found fewer ratings for this portal website, and if there are reviews present via videos, they are claiming this website to be a scam and money-grabbing website. So let’s check reviews in detail. If you ever got scammed via PayPal payment know steps to get your money back.


We found this website to be doubtful and suspicious. Based on external Hileben Reviews we won’t recommend this website to get a suitable product from here. Further, if you want, you may get clothes for your dog from a legit source. Also if you ever got scammed via credit card get you pocket back by clicking here- 

Do you want to suggest more good websites to our readers? If yes, you may leave your suggestions below in the comments section.

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