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This article provides all the details about wordle 388 Hight Wordle and the gameplay and rules. If you find it helpful, follow for more.

Are you the person who loves new daily challenges? What are you waiting for? Play wordle, and you will get daily challenges? Do you know what wordle is? Have you ever played it? Do you know this game is very popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and India

Well, if your answer is no, then don’t worry. Read this article till the end. You will come to know everything about the wordle and the answer to 12, July 2022 wordle 388, which resembles the word Hight Wordle. Read the article till the end.

Wordle 388-answer and hints:

Many people end up making wrong guesses about this wordle game, but it’s nothing to worry about as when seen from a different perspective, it seems to have different answers. The correct answer to the wordle is NIGHT.

Given below are the hints:

  • This word is used in everyday life, literally every day!!
  • No words are repeated in this wordle.
  • You say this word daily to wish someone to have a good sleep.

This wordle is easy to solve, but it does not mean all are easy. Hight Definition is somewhat similar to the word pronouncing, like height and night, which are of the same frequency. Do you stick to it the same way as others?

Details on wordle game-

It was a quite famous game which provided us with new daily puzzles which are often followed with some hints which help to understand it better and find the answer. This game has become a mania over people, and they are so curious to know the answer that it can even lead their hours, sometimes digging the answers out of their knowledge. People first thought the answer to be Hight Wordle, but that was incorrect, and the answer came out to be a night which we can’t deny is similar to the word Hight.


Follow these rules to understand the wordle game:

  • You can play it every night in mid, but it can only be played once.
  • You have to guess five words 
  • Clues will be provided
  • You will get only 6 attempts
  • the colour change to green, yellow, and grey after you enter the word, which makes it sorted.

The game is challenging yet fun to play, so what are you waiting for.

Was the Hight Wordle tough to solve?

Well, this one is not tough to solve as the hints are quite easy to guess, but instead of this, some peoples get stuck on this, which was not shocking to see as this happens a lot.


The answer to wordle 388 was not a tough one, and peoples enjoy doing it every midnight. This article provides all the details about wordle 388 and how to play it. Click here for more information.

Do you get your answer? Comment down below what are your guesses on Hight Wordle before knowing the answer. 

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