Hexa Game Roblox (Sep 2021) Based On The Show Squid Game

The guide shares details about the new squid game, Hexa Game Roblox, and the interesting gameplay.

Roblox is a famous online gaming platform with varied genres of games to play. Princeelf newly launched Hexa Game on Roblox, and the game is based on the famous show Squid Game.

Hexa Game has six games, and players have to win all six levels to win rewards. The game was released on 24th Sept 2021, and it is attracting many Roblox fans in the United States.

If you are also interested in enjoying this Squid Game on Roblox, continue reading this review on Hexa Game Roblox.

What is Hexa Game on Roblox?

Hexa Game is the newly launched Squid Game on Roblox created and released by Princeelf on 24th Sept 2021. There are over 13K active players on the platform, and it has garnered more than 5.2M views since its launch. 

The game has interesting gameplay where players have to complete all six games to win rewards. All Roblox fans in the United States are attracted to the game and want to learn more about the game and methods to play the game.       

If you are also interested in playing Hexa Game on Roblox, continue reading to learn about the tips on playing the game. 

Hexa Game Roblox – How to Play?

The gameplay involves entering the arena with other players and win the levels to get rewards. Players have to wait in the lobby with other players until the game starts. 

  • As the game starts, players are required to wait until it is a green light. The character on the other side will shout “Green Light,” and players have to start racing to reach the other side and win.
  • Players get two minutes to complete the race and reach the other end to win Hexa Game Roblox
  • Players need to be attentive and active. As it is “Green Light,” players have to start racing, and when it is “Red Light,” players must halt. Again, when it turns green, they need to continue.
  • If any movement is detected after the red light, the players get eliminated and won’t race further. 

So, players have to play carefully and move according to the lights and reach the other end of the arcade to win the game.  

How Many Games are Included in Hexa Game?

The official website of Roblox has confirmed that Hexa Game Roblox has six games. All six games are released, and the list includes:

  • Red Light & Green Light 
  • Shapes
  • Tug of War
  • Glass Tiles
  • Marbles
  • Squid Game   

These are the six games released, and players have to play all these games to complete them successfully and get rewards. 

Take Away

Roblox is a famous gaming platform that keeps releasing new games. Hexa Game is the new squid game released on Roblox, and it is creating a buzz amongst the Roblox gamers. 

The gameplay is simple and highly captivating. But strategies are required to complete the Hexa Game Roblox without getting detected and eliminated.    

Do you play the new Hexa Game on Roblox? Then, please share your views about the game in the comment section. 

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