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In this post, we have discussed Henry Ruggs III, Henry Ruggs III Contract and why his career is at threat.

Are you a fan of NFL player Henry Ruggs III? Would you like to know what happened to him recently? Do you want to know about his contract? If so, tune into this article.

Henry Ruggs III is one of the dynamic NFL players, but his career is at a crossroads currently. His fans in the United States, Canada want to know more. So, in this post, we will discuss Henry Ruggs III Contract and what happened to him.

Who is Henry Ruggs III?

Henry Ruggs III is a free agent football receiver in the NFL based in the United States. Henry was a three-sportsman in his high school years and played for Alabama Ruggs during his college years.

Henry Ruggs III was the fastest receiver playing football in the National Football League in 2020. He is such a skilled player that the Las Vegas Raiders got selected in the first round of the NFL draft in 2020. But his career seems to be potentially over too soon. So before knowing more about the Henry Ruggs III Contract, let us learn what happened to Henry Ruggs III and why his career is at a threat.

What Happened to Henry Ruggs III?

Henry Ruggs’s NFL career is relatively new. He made his NFL debut in September 2020. But currently, it seems that his career will be soon over as he is involved in a car accident.

On 2nd November 2021, a car accident took place near South Spring Valley. In the fatal accident, Henry RuggsI’s car crashed with a woman’s car, and the woman was found dead. After this incident, Henry is released by Las Vegas Raiders and is charged with DUI.

About Henry Ruggs III Contract

Henry Ruggs signed a four-year contract with the Las Vegas Raider in 2020. The deal was 16,671,626 dollars which included a 9 million dollar bonus on signing the agreement. Henry’s salary was fully granted to him each year, and he received an average salary of 4 million dollars each year.

In 2021, Ruggs’s basic salary was around 1,4 million dollars and would get a cap hit of 3 million by the Raiders. But now it seems that his contract is over as Raiders have released the receiver from their team after his car accident involving the death of a woman.

Now that we know about the Henry Ruggs III Contract, let’s look at what will happen to Henry Ruggs.

What will happen to Henry Ruggs III?

The car accident involving Henry Ruggs killed a 23 year old woman. Henry, too, faced non-life threatening injuries from the accident and is still in the process of recovery.

After he recovers, he will be on trial with DUI. Henry is likely to serve a prison sentence between two and twenty years.


Henry Ruggs’s career is over before it has even started properly. Though being a dynamic player, it seems impossible for him to come back in the NFL. Visit Henry Ruggs Wikipedia page to know more.

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