Helarous Reviews {Sep 2022} Is It Offering Legit Deals?

This write-up aims to provide information on the Helarous store through Helarous Reviews. So stay tuned with us to know more.

Do you love spending time in outdoors? People love to spend their time in nature and do outdoor activities. A website called Helarous is getting famous in the United States. Healrous offers different attractive products for the outdoors, but the question in people’s minds is can we trust this online store? We have covered some solution below, if you are also the one with this question read ahead. In this article, we will inform you through Helarous Reviews if this website is reliable or fraudulent.

What is a Healrous store?

Some of you have already gone through this website, and many are curious about this online store everyone is talking about. Be with us to know what this store is and what it offers.

Healrous is a go-to destination for people who love to give a special touch to their homes or love spending time outdoors. The online store provided all the products to fulfill one’s need to make their shopping hustle free. Their collection lists include Christmas and Halloween products, Creative dog flowerpots, Garden decoration stuff, and wreath. But Is Helarous Legit? As Healrous claims to provide customized products according to the customer’s needs. The online website claims to have a professional production house and suppliers. To be more budget-friendly, they offer to negotiate with the customers and make the best deal for the buyers.

Let’s discuss some parameters to see if the Helarous website is legit or not – 


  • Portal’s Link – https://www.helarous.com/
  • Email Address – The email id of the Hilarious store is info@helarous.com
  • Address Details – 85 Tottenham Court Road, Greater London, Greater London, W1T 4TQ
  • Contact Number – Helarous store’s Contact number is 12550956
  • Review – The shop on their website provided no Helarous Reviews
  • Delivery Details – Delivery could take between 7-20 business days, and VIP delivery could take 3-7 business days. 
  • Delivery Charges – Helarous is providing free shipping on orders above $60
  • Return Policy – You can apply to return your products within 14 days after receiving the order
  • Refund Policy: Helarous website hasn’t provided the exact day taken for the refund.
  • Exchange Facility – Helarous has given no information about the exchange Facility
  • Social media: No social media accounts found.
  • Availability of cancellation – Helarous accept cancellation before the shipping of the products.
  • Payment Gateway – You can use PayPal or Credit Card Express

Pros whether if Is Helarous Legit

  • Email address and company address have been provided.
  • Helarous website has given their contact number
  • Delivery details have given carefully on the Helarous’s store


  • The days taken for the refund are not mentioned
  • Reviews are missing from the website
  • Helarous is not available on any social media

Let’s check if Helarous’ store is reliable or not:

Nowadays, scamming someone is easier than ever. Many fake websites scam their customer either through attractive products or unrealistic discounts. To help you distinguish between fraud and legit websites. Here we discuss some points on Helarous Reviews to check the legitimacy of the Helarous store.

  • Domain – https://www.helarous.com/
  • Date of registration – 18-07-2022 is the registration date of the website
  • Category – Garden and outdoor products
  • Trust index – Helarous’s website has a 2 % of the trust rate
  • Alexa Rank – 783953 is the Alexa rank of the Helarous website
  • Registered name – The name of NameSilo, LLC registers on the Helarous website 
  • Plagiarism Information – No plagiarism was found on the website
  • Unrealistic Discount – No Unrealstic discount is provided 
  • Bulk Buying Option – The bulk buying option is available
  • Privacy Policy – The store provides all the policy
  • Reviews – No reviews found on the Helarous website

Helarous Reviews of the customers

As we went through Helarous’s official store, we didn’t find any customer reviews on the Helarous website. Because of the lack of social media accounts, we could not find any customer reviews there too. However, even though they have provided specific information, the reviews are missing, so we suggest our customer look properly at all the information. Go through the process to get a refund on PayPal.

Final Verdict 

After discussing all the essential points and certain factors of Helarous’s official website, we found that they lack Helarous Reviews and are not safe to shop. Read here the ways to decorate your garden 

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