Hecate gx07 Price (Nov 2021) How Much Does It Cost?

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Hecate gx07 Price (Nov 2021) How Much Does It Cost? >> The guide shares details about the wireless gaming earbud and its price to help consumers make the right choice.

Do you want to enjoy a sense of fighting e-sports? Then, invest in the all-new wireless gaming earbuds, Hecate gx07 by Edifier. GX07 allows gaming in a noisy environment as it has low latency with ANC active noise cancellation, thereby offering gamers an immersive experience.

Hecate gx07 comes with an unrestrained and bold shape, subverting the imagination of the shape of a traditional headset. As a result, gamers in India, France, Spain, Russia, and the United States are attracted to this innovative earbud. However, the Hecate gx07 Price is relatively high because of the two hinged structures and induction switches. 

What is Hecate GX07?

Hecate GX07 is the wireless gaming headset packed with incredible styles and science fiction. The dual door design is adopted from the supercars, and it features dual RGB light strips with high brightness levels. Moreover, it gives the headset a finishing touch look with the e-sports style suggested by the patented game series. 

Both the earbud and the charging compartments are treated with metallic paint, and it gives the exterior a rich texture. Because of its rich features and finishes, the Hecate gx07 Price is relatively higher than the regular gaming headsets. 

The earbud features an angular design and sufficient ambient lighting. Besides, it comes with a noise cancellation mode to allow gamers to enjoy gaming in a noisy environment. The battery lasts for 5+ hours with a single charge. 

Key Features of Hecate GX07

  • Driver Unit – 8mm Dynamic Driver
  • Type – Wireless Gaming Earbuds
  • Audio Codecs – SBC, AAC, LHDC
  • Bluetooth V – V5.0
  • Charging Time – One Hour for Each Earbud
  • Playback Time – ANC On five h. ANC off 6.5h
  • Battery – 40mAH earbuds and 500mAH charging case
  • Sound Pressure – 94/-3dB
  • Frequency – 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Charging Port – USB C-Type
  • Impedance – 24 ohms
  • Weight – 63g

What is the Hecate gx07 Price?

We have evaluated the product online and found many sellers are offering this wireless gaming earbud. However, the price is different on ecommerce websites. 

The price of the product starts from $79.99, and it is available in three different colors. You can also avail of up to 43% discount if you purchase with proper research online and get the product at $ 45.99. Some ecommerce websites are also selling the product for RM449 with a discount of 35%. 

So, the price is different for different ecommerce websites, and research for Hecate gx07 Price is necessary before buying it to find cheap deals and discounts. Remember, some ecommerce websites are charging shipping charges while some offer free shipping. 

What People Has to Say?

We have evaluated the product online found some video reviews with comments. Besides, the ecommerce websites selling the product have no reviews from consumers. The video comments are from the viewers who are interested in buying the product. They want to know the exact place to order the gaming headset and the Hecate gx07 Price.

So, there is no confirmation about the performance and quality, and hence research is necessary to evaluate the product’s legitimacy.   


Hecate gx07 is the gaming wireless earbud designed for pro gamers who want to enjoy gaming with advanced features. The gaming headset offers many unique features to take your gaming experience to the next level. 

However, the product lacks consumer reviews and feedback, and we found no data for customer reviews. So, we urge all consumers to research properly before buying it and ensure to grab the cheap Hecate gx07 Price after proper evaluation.   

Do you already have Hecate gx07? Then, be the first one to share your opinion in the comment section. 

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