Hawks Roster Wordle {April} How Relates To Puzzle Answer

This article describes Hawks Roster Wordle. If you are interested in knowing about the Hawks game, visit the full post.

Do you know that Wordle has numerous versions? One of the most popular versions is Poeltl. If you are a fan of the NBA, this game will suit you well. Poeltl allows players to guess any player’s name under the National Basketball Association. The player could be from Canada, the United States, and Australia.

The answer for yesterday’s Poeltl was related to an Atlanta Hawks roster. So in this article, we will discuss the Hawks Roster Wordle.

Poeltl Hawks Roster

Poeltl is like wordle, but in Poeltl, you have to guess the current NBA player. As an NBA event is happening nowadays, the answer could most probably be one of the players among different teams played on 17 April 2022.

Here are the hints for 17 April 2022, Sunday answer:-

  1. The player belongs to the Atlanta Hawks team that played against Miami Heat on Sunday.
  2. The player’s height is 6ft 9inch, and his nationality is American.
  3. His name and surname start with the letter ‘J.’

So these are some hints of the answer. The answer for Sunday, Poeltl, was “Jalen Johnson’.

Hawks Roster Game

On 17 April 2022, Atlanta Hawks played against the Miami heats, but unfortunately, the Hawks lost. Miami won the game with 115 points, and Atlanta scored 91 points. Atlanta Hawks is a professional basketball team in America. It plays under the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Jalen Johnson is a part of the Hawks team. Some people guessed he was correct in yesterday’s Poeltl silhouette. Jalen holds the position of small forward on the Atlanta Hawks team. He joined the team in 2021 and was selected on 29 July 2021.

Poeltl Gameplay

According to Hawks Roster Wordle, the Poeltl game has easy gameplay. The Poeltl game has the same gameplay as wordle, but the rules are different. The game will offer you eight attempts to guess the answer. You have to guess any current NBA player. The player should be part of the NBA currently.

  • The below steps will tell you the rules for Poeltl:-
  • Write your guess in the given box. Below the box various categories like team, conf, div, pos.
  • If the colour below any categories turns green, it defines a match as per Hawks Roster Wordle research.
  • If the team column turns yellow, the player was a part of a team but does not play currently.
  • If the position columns show yellow colour, it’s a partial match.
  • If the other column shows yellow colour, the guessed player is within two numbers, years, or inches of the correct answer.


The Poeltl game is easy to understand. If you feel stuck in the game, you can use a silhouette. The silhouette shows the shadow of the mystery player that could help you recognize the player. This article will tell you about Hawks Roster Wordle. Visit this link to know more about Hawks Roster related answer.  

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