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The news article, Havenpark Communities Reviews, provides snippets of the real reviews of Havenpark communities with no biased views and opinions.

Do you love living in the most affordable mobile homes? Have you heard of these new manufactured homes? Haven Park Communities is a real estate and home building company. 

They are creating building communities around the United States, Canada where residents feel like they are living in a small caring community. Here is the article that provides you with a new perspective on Havenpark Communities Reviews

Reviews In Detail

Havenpark is a home building company that builds different types of houses. And they have got mixed reviews among people. 

Positive reviews

People love their way of construction, and the process of building homes seems affordable. Customers also welcome their new concept of creating caring communities by employing suitable employees and residents.

Negative reviews 

Higher property taxes are charged in the communities. Some complained about the quality of drinking water.People are not allowed to take their trailers without prior permission. Only a limited number of people are allowed to live in trailers. Very strict eviction rules are being designed

Office Details

Haven Park Communities Corporate Office is located at 51 W Center St, Ste 600, in Orem, Utah, U.S. And the head of this corporate office is Mr. Pratt. Currently, 200 to 500 employees are working for Haven Park communities. And their head office is located in Orem. They even have some regional offices around Crayon Park.

The important people working in the corporate office are Jeffrey Angerbauer, Sean King, Michael Scheffler, and Jeff Brauer. They have been working hard for the success of the company.

Creating A Quality Community

Havenpark Communities mission is to build a caring community for the people. But The Havenpark Communities Reviews does not show a vivid picture of its mission because the reviews regarding the Havenpark community are registered in the Better Business Bureau profile, but it is forbidden for public usage. 

It creates suspicion that Haven Park and its grievance redressal team were not responding to complaints like property management issues, construction-related problems, more fees, etc.

And their quality community included their employers too. So the people who work for 

Havenpark enjoy their work culture, professionalism, and compensation package. And have extended their interest in working in Haven Park.

Summary Of Havenpark Communities Reviews

Though they have received a mixed opinion among the people, they are doing many socially responsible things for their residents that need to be applauded. The haven park team has been offering many educational scholarships to Havenpark community people. They offer scholarships to college students, trade schools inmates, and vocational training trainee.

And they are providing 5-star amenities in their projects at an affordable price. They developed mutual relations with the residents living in Haven Park, so they claimed to create a responsible resident. All these features helped them to develop many communities around the nation.


Thus, the article Havenpark Communities Reviews provided the two sides of Havenpark. Every company will have some negatives. Those negatives help them to become a stronger community. 

In this way, haven park got some negative reviews. And they have to develop a complete complaint grievance mechanism for rectifying their mistake. For more information on havenpark communities

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