Haveibeenpwned Legit {Aug} Discover With All Criteria!

This post on Haveibeenpwned Legit will give you a brief on this site’s legitimacy. So, kindly read and know about this site.

Do you want to know if your data or personal information is safe from online threats? How can you know this, or is it possible to know it? Such questions might be coming to your mind. But, yes, it is possible with the Have I Been Pwned site. But, is Haveibeenpwned Legit? People from the United States and other regions are searching for its legitimacy to know its legitimacy. So, kindly check out.

Is it a legit website?

  • Registration Date: November 13, 2013, is the registration date of Have I Been Pwned. It is quite an old website.
  • Registrar: 1API GmbH is the registrar of this site.
  • Trust Count: The shop got a ninety-three percent trust count, which is a reasonable trust rate and considerable.
  • Social media: We have found a page on Facebook where it was given 4.7/5 ratings based on 23 reviews.
  • Customer Views: Online sites have given 2.9/5 reviews and mixed comments.
  • Expiry Date: It will expire on November 13, 2026. 

Haveibeenpwned Password

The password service was first launched in August 2017 to ensure the safety of users’ data. It had launched 306 million passwords to help the users. The users must provide a username and password to log in to the website. You can choose your password from the list and use it as many times as you want. But, it is pretty risky to use the same password repeatedly. As per their official website, they always suggest creating a new and strong password. This is because hackers can use your credentials by automating logging into your profile and taking advantage of reused credentials. 

Features determined in Haveibeenpwned Legit

Although we have shared all required details on the legitimacy of this website, the users have been sharing their experiences on many online sites. They have been using this site for a long time. The website has many features like:

  • It provides safety from online hacking.
  • The main objective is to provide internet safety and check if your data is compromised or leaked.
  • It provided the “Notify Me” service to know the future breaches’ notifications.
  • In 2014, it enabled a new function to automatically add new data breached in HIBP’s database. 

Install a list of Passwords

The Hunt made millions of passwords for the public. As per Haveibeenpwned Legit, you can install a list of passwords from the web search. Also, you can visit their official portal to know the list. The passwords are free to install and will be represented with unique characters like SHA-1. So, now you can secure your credentials.


Summing up this post, we have mentioned a complete guide on the list of Passwords of Haveibeenpwned, and it got mixed reviews. However, the website seems genuine, launched many years ago, and the trust count is favourable. So, one can rely on this website to check if the account is leaked or compromised.

What are your thoughts on Haveibeenpwned Legit? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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