Haresatinbuy US Reviews (Dec) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

Haresatinbuy Us Online Website Reviews

Please go through this post on the unbiased Haresatinbuy US Reviews to learn about the store’s worth for online shopping.

Do you enjoy playing online games? Are you looking for the latest gaming consoles online? Haresatinbuy.us claims to be the best online ecommerce website when it comes to selling online gaming consoles.

The website is registered in the United States and claims to sell a variety of gaming consoles to consumers in Canada, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and worldwide. The store claims to have the latest collection of gaming consoles and accessories with affordable pricing. 

The website seems to be a new store selling gaming consoles, and reluctant consumers don’t prefer to shop without reading the Haresatinbuy US Reviews.

What is Haresatinbuy US?

Haresatinbuy US is the new online store claims to specialize in various gaming consoles, ranging from PlayStation to Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox. The store even claims to offer up to a 50% discount on the gaming consoles and accessories on the Black Friday Sale.

The products are new, and the latest gaming consoles available at discounted rates, as per the claims. Besides, the products come with descriptions to help consumers make the right shopping decision. 

Despite all these benefits and discounts, many consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Kuwait and worldwide find it challenging to trust such a new website and want to know Is Haresatinbuy Us Legit or a Scam.

Specifications of This Online Site

  • Website Link – https://www.haresatinbuy.us/ 
  • Products – Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and accessories 
  • Email ID – service@nicegamelive.shop
  • Phone Number – (352) 800-9194
  • Store Address – 630 Nagle Rd. Erie, Pennsylvania 16511 USA  
  • Payment Mode – PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and American Express
  • Domain Age – Nine Days as the website’s domain was registered on 11th Nov 2021
  • Shipping Info – Products are processed in 3-7 days, and standard delivery takes 15-30 days. There is no shipping charge for the orders.
  • Return and Refund – The store claims to offer a 30-day window to exchange and return the defective products for repairing. Customers can return and claim for a refund within 14-days of purchase, considering the Haresatinbuy US Reviews 
  • Social Media – Logos are available, but they are not active
  • Owner Details – Not Available  

Pros of Haresatinbuy US

  • The store sells a variety of gaming consoles and accessories
  • 50% discounts on all orders during Black Friday Sale
  • Products come with descriptions
  • Return and refund available for products 
  • PayPal and Credit Card payments accepted
  • There are positive reviews and 5-star ratings mentioned on the website. 

Cons of Haresatinbuy US 

  • Negative reviews are available online
  • The prices are hard to believe 
  • Social media links are inactive
  • No owner details are found 
  • The email-id has a different domain than the domain of the website.

Is Haresatinbuy Us Legit or a Scam?

The legitimacy of a shopping portal lets you decide whether it is worth shopping for or not. So, before you jump into the portal for shopping, ensure checking its legitimacy. For example, regarding Haresatinbuy Us, we found the portal suspicious and fake due to the following reasons:

  • Haresatinbuy Us is the new website launched two days back on 11th Nov 2021. Since it is only nine days old, portal consumers are hesitating to shop. 
  • The domain has validity till 11th Nov 2022.
  • The website’s trust score is only 1%, which creates suspicion in the buyer’s mind. 
  • Now, when we checked, the Return & Exchange Policy tab is not available on the website, which was initially available.
  • The Haresatinbuy US Reviews are not in favor of the portal. There are multiple evaluations and users’ comments on the reviewing portals and under video evaluations that claim the portal to be a scam. 
  • The store’s address seems to be fake as it belongs to a single-family residence and not a business. 
  • There is no owner detail, and the social media links on the homepage are inactive and fake.
  • The trust rank of the website is 58.5/100, which is average.  

These are the factors that make the website seems suspicious and a scam, and hence shopping must be done carefully. 

What Customers Have to Say?

On this online site, we found that the site has positive reviews and 5-star ratings under the products, but these reviews and feedback cannot be trusted.

We have researched for the portal virtually and found a few video evaluations online with comments and Haresatinbuy US Reviews from different people. According to those comments, the website seems to be suspicious and possibly a scam. 

One of the users has posted that all the contact details are fake on one of the reviewing portals, and one should avoid and stay alert of the scam here. Another user has posted under the video evaluation that he lost 400 bucks here, so do not get scammed here. Hence, this answers this query also – Is haresatinbuy Legit?

No reviews or comments favor the ecommerce website, and hence we can’t confirm its legitimacy as of now. Therefore, consumers have to wait until any update is available regarding its legitimacy. As of now, the website seems to be a scam and highly risky for shopping.

Consumers are also urged to stay updated with different scams and learn how to report the PayPal Scams.

The Concluding Thoughts

Haresatinbuy Us is an ecommerce website claiming to sell the latest gaming consoles of different brands. However, the store lacks to attract worldwide consumers, and there are no Haresatinbuy US Reviews to support the claims made by the website. Also, we have received various negative remarks from the users on the reviewing portals.

So, it is suggested that you don’t fall prey to such unworthy claims and ensure to learn the tips on identifying and reporting Credit Card Scams.

Have you ever ordered any gaming console from the store? Then, please share your viewpoint in the comment section. Also, read more about the reliability of this online site here.

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8 thoughts on “Haresatinbuy US Reviews (Dec) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

    1. Hello Tyler zimmerman, Did you get any confirmation mail from them? If not, go for a refund process. Reach your payment company to get your paid amount back. Please let us know. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  1. It’s definitely a scam and they got me because of PayPal being a legitimate link to there website but it takes forever to get your money back from them and they’ll be long gone before its straightened out. as stated above in article it has a bogus storefront in Pennsylvania, email and customer service number with a Florida area code disconnected. please beware of these people

  2. They are definitely a scam. I ordered an Xbox series x…. Was charged $398.88. The info they gave me was a lie. The emails came back as no email owner and they were sent back to me. The phone number changes every few days. It’s been 19 days since this whole scam started and I haven’t gotten them to get ahold of me. Just don’t do it.

    The only way I was able to get ahold of the email seller was thru PayPal. But I messaged and asked for a refund. He said it was shipping and never sent tracking info. He didn’t follow his word. Don’t use this site.

    1. Hello Ktm, Sorry to hear such incident happened with you. The scammers are much smarter, they are here to earn money without any hard work. People be aware and don’t rely on such sites. Please do a proper review and then proceed. Please let us know if you get any feedback. Be alert. Take care.

  3. Paypal was able to get my money back. My brother used my paypal account to buy and Xbox and they ended up sending an empty envelope. Probably so if I made a claim they could show it was being shipped. So I made an account on there website to try and get them to cancel the day of. The next day I talked to paypal and they told me to work it out with the seller and gave me the email. They gave me the same run around Its in the mail. They deleted my account on the website along with the order info. Thankfully I took a bunch of screen shots over the coming week dealing with that. So yeah they are scummy scammers. I ended up with like 13 photos of evidence and a pdf. So I built a case against them.

    1. Hello DM, Happy to hear, you received the refund. You took hard efforts and finally have proof with you. We can see how much time you have put to draft it. Buyers, go through this review and stay away. It is highly advisable to check the truthfulness of the sites. Your comment will help the buyers to be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

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