Guts Astd (July) Checkout the Complete Information!

Guts Astd (July) Checkout the Complete Information!>> This piece of news is a quick overview of one of the powerful characters in an action-based block game. Read our full article.

Roblox has always been one of the top-rated gaming platforms for over a decade now. After the positive response on Adopt Me which had gained massive popularity among gamers across the Philippines, Canada and United States. Roblox has launched All-Star Tower Defense, another popular game that has caught the eyes of players worldwide.

The creators have been adding updates and new features and units, etc., regularly for better game growth. For example, recently, gamers have been excited about the unit Guts. 

Who is Guts Astd? How to deploy this character? Read till the end.

Guts: A new unit

After every major update, the creators introduce various new units into the game. Some of the central units were Guts, Asta, Itadorio, and Yusuke.

Guts also known as Organs (Guts), evolves from the 4-star ground. He is a single target type character created regarding the Anime character Guts from Berserk with a life mission to slay the monsters and uncover the mysteries on his way.

Players can obtain Guts only through Hero Summon. Guts Astd is also one of the first units introduced that can evolve from 4-star to 6-star ground.

How to obtain Guts?

Starting from level 1 to level 80, Deployment to Upgrade 4 cost varies from $450 to $1500 where his Tower-type is ground level, with abilities like a single-target attack. 

Capable of causing up to 30 to 125 damage, Ranging from 8 to 16.SPA with 5 to 6, along with damage per second of 6 to 20.83 as the level. Upgrade 2 gives the ability of bow gradually adding cannon in upgrade 4.

Gamers’ reviews on Guts Astd

With millions of Roblox gamers around the world on various platforms like Xbox, Android, iOS, etc; Roblox has created another blockbuster game: All-Star Tower Defense. 

In the past, gamers complained about several bugs and glitches, slowing down their device and degrading the overall gaming experience. After the updates, glitches in Blackbeard were fixed, Quality of life improved, and live steamers on different platforms loved Guts’s Damage range and other abilities he possesses.

Players have also been finding cheat codes in order to get exclusive rewards and gems to levelling up their characters in Guts Astd.

Unfortunately, some gamers also found Guts very costly, with overall character up-gradation expenses of around $3950. Also, read do robux generators work.


Roblox has never failed to amaze gamers around the globe with its games available on various platforms like Xbox, Android, iOS, etc. 

All-Star Tower Defense has been a great success. With creators introducing troops of new units starting from A to S+ tiers; with their unique abilities and skill sets.

Read here to know in detail.

So far, Guts Astd has been one of the highest preferred characters with its ability to evolve from 4-star to 6-star along with great damage and S+ tier abilities.

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