Your Guide to the GP Clinic: What to Expect and How to Prepare

A general practitioner (GP) is a doctor that can be responsible for patients’ mental or physical health issues and concerns. They are trained to give you answers on how to treat yourself, whether you are a newborn or an older adult.

General practitioners are also known as family doctors or internists. While they are used to building relationships with patients for continuity of care, they will recommend you to noteworthy doctors and medical services for urgent or specialized treatment.

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What You Need To Know About A General Practitioner

General practitioners’ main duties are assessing a patient through a physical exam and reviewing his medical history. They can do much for a patient but can be responsible for immunizations, routine exams, mental health checks, chronic illness care, and follow-up care.

This type of doctor has undergone training from seven to fifteen years, including the latest medical advancements, research, public health, and community needs. The following is a general practitioner’s education and training process:

  1. Bachelor’s degree (science-related)
  2. Passed Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  3. At least four years in medical school
  4. Residency for three to seven years in a chosen specialty
  5. Certification by the American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of General Practice, or American Board of Internal Medicine

They can check the various conditions of a patient, and an appointment can last for about ten to thirty minutes. You can rely on them for the following, but not limited to: 

  • Wellness exams and preventative medicine
  • Urgent care for illness or injury
  • Prescriptions, lifestyle recommendations, and follow-up care for chronic conditions

Consultation Goals at GP Clinic

You can learn much about your health in a single appointment with a general practitioner. All you need to do is disclose what you have been feeling and doing lately. Normally, here are the goals of a general practitioner for the patient when visiting a GP Clinic:

  • A clear understanding of the medical condition (causes, symptoms, and cure)
  • Comprehensive and accurate treatment plan (medication, therapies, and changes in lifestyle)
  • Prevention of potential future health issues
  • A better and improved quality of life
  • An established relationship with healthcare providers

Things to Remember When Preparing

The general practitioner is not the only one with duties and responsibilities in an appointment. You can only have productive yet effective communication with your doctor if you are well-prepared. But you have to start by matching your schedule to him.

It is the doctor’s right to know everything about your health. It includes:

  • Before the day of your consultation, you must have collected and remembered the necessary health-related information about you.
  • List on what are your current symptoms, concerns, and questions. 
  • A notebook and pen will also help you take note of what the doctor will advise you.
  • Whether you are a minor or not, bringing a loved one will make you feel comfortable and confident with meeting your general practitioner. 
  • Dress appropriately and arrive early. If he recommends a follow-up appointment, do not forget to show up.

Why Visit a GP Clinic ASAP

Sometimes, a person looks healthy outside but has much going on inside. No one but a doctor can see beyond what you see in the mirror. Prevention will always be better than cure. Knowing what is wrong with your health will help if you knew it earlier.

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