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Please read this article to learn more about Guardians of Galaxy Pre Order and all bonuses.

Are you a game enthusiast? Also, are you a comic character, especially a Marvel comics and MCU fan? Do you know that Guardians of the Galaxy is all set to launch, and you can pre-order it? Read along this article to know about all the details and bonuses of the Guardians of Galaxy Pre Order.

This latest Game is currently available in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It is known for playing on almost all platforms.

The details of the new Game:

The Guardians of the Galaxy is a popular comic series from the house of Marvel, which was also later adapted to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Eidos Montreal, also famous for the Deus Ex series, has recently taken up the Galaxy Guardians for an RPG gaming experience. The Game is all set to launch across various devices.

Guardians of Galaxy Pre Order Surprises that you can avail:

An exciting thing about the pre-order of this latest Game is that customers who pre-order this Game receive a bonus gift. Customers and Players can avail of this in two ways. If the pre-order is made from any retailer, the customers get the classic costume pack of the five superheroes. Secondly, if the pre-order is made through GameStop, the customers, apart from the traditional guardians of the galaxy costume pack, get a limited-edition serialized business card in a metal container.

The Game comes in three editions with different costs.

Guardians of Galaxy Pre Order all editions and details:

  • The first is the Guardians of the Galaxy Standard Edition. This edition of the Game does not come with any special bonuses or extras. It is priced at US$59.99 and can be brought from any retail store. However, if you buy it for the PlayStation 4, you can later upgrade it to the PlayStation 5 at no extra charge.
  • The second one is the Digital Deluxe Edition. This edition is the downloadable version of the Game and is priced at US$69.99 and is available for download as Guardians of Galaxy Pre Order on PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Stream. The bonuses include a Digital soundtrack, Digital art book, Sun-Lord outfit, City-Lord outfit.
  • The third and final edition is called the Cosmic Deluxe Edition. This version is also the physical version of Marvel’s series of Guardians of the Galaxy for a price of US$79.99. This version is available on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. It includes additional goodies apart from the ones in the downloadable version. It has a Steelbook case, Digital soundtrack, Mini hardcover art book, Sun-Lord outfit, City-Lord outfit.


Therefore, to conclude about the Guardians of Galaxy Pre Order, we can say that this pre-order is an excellent deal for all the enthusiasts out there, especially the deluxe editions, which come with a lot of extra bonuses apart from the Game itself. The Game is set to release on 26th October 2021. You can know more about the Guardians of the Galaxy Game.

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