Guard National Soldier Dies {August 2022} Sad Demise!

Our readers will learn about Pvt. Alyssa Cahoon, the young teen soldier, through this post on Guard National Soldier Dies.

Have you heard about the teenage girl undergoing training along with her twin sister for the Army National Guard? Unfortunately, the young trainee is no more! Alyssa and her twin sister, Brianna, were both enrolled as trainees together in the same batch at Fort Jackson, U.S.Army Training Center.

In this news report on Guard National Soldier Dies, we bring you the sad news of a 17-year-old soldier Alyssa Cahoon, who collapsed while she was on physical training in the United States

When Did This Happen

The twins, Alyssa Cahoon and Brianna Cahoon, both qualified and joined the basic combat training given by the 1st Battalion 34th Regiment, South Carolina. Alyssa Cahoon, however, collapsed during the training on August 20. She was taken to an off-base hospital by the Emergency Medical Services and, after five days, died on August 25.

The officials did not share the details on Guard National Soldier Dies regarding the tragic news while reporting the incident on their Facebook page.” We regret to inform you that PFC Alyssa Cahoon has passed away”. Her family was by her bedside as she died last night on August 25, 2022, according to a post. Brigadier General Patrick R. Michaelis, who is in charge of the U.S. Army Training Site at Fort Jackson, sent his condolences to Alyssa’s family and teammate. We are giving everyone affected as much consolation and help as we can, he said. They did not, however, offer any other information. The Army is looking into this unfortunate death. The investigative team will soon update the information.

More On Guard National Soldier Dies:

Alyssa and Brianna were both fresh recruits in Pennsylvania. They both featured in a photo posted on the Facebook page of the regiment last month, hailing them as 42A Human Resource Specialists. The regiment recruits new batches weekly at its base in Fort Jackson. Both the sisters posed in camouflage uniforms, standing side by side. More pictures of them with rifles and a video was also posted while exercising. Susan Cahoon, their mother, had liked their photos and thanked the regiment for posting them. The twins were an instant hit on the social page.

The incident of Guard National Soldier Dies has come as a shock to the family as well as her teammates. They could not be contacted, though, after the sudden demise. The Army has also provided no further details on this matter.


In conclusion to this news report, we informed our readers of the sad demise of a young recruit in the training base at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. We have also updated our readers on the latest news regarding the same. Please click on the link to know more about this tragic news.

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