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This post about Gryst Wordle informed our readers about the correct answer to today’s wordle. Read the complete details further.

Do you like to solve quizzes? The game is progressive and are meaningfully that attracts masses of players from all over the world. The game is famous in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Regardless of how challenging the word is, fans like predicting the solution to make a decent score. Wordle quiz users’ capability to classify unclear terms with slight to no luck. We have clues, tips, and solutions for Gryst Wordle on July 22, 2022, if you are having trouble with the present Wordle. 

Wordle 398 Solution: Tips for the current solution 

The Wordle of the day is also a noun and a verb. Wordle 398 is devoid of vowels. Beginning and ending on July 22 is the letter “T” in Wordle. 

The term of the day, Wordle 398, is made up of five alphabets. The wordle for today refers to the conference, and you can use them as both a noun and a verb. 

  • Wordle 398 Today’s Solution 
  • Wordle 398’s solution is “TRYST.”
  • Gryst is not the word. The correct answer is Tryst. 

Is Gryst a Word?

Unfortunately, Gryst is not a word for today’s wordle. Today, word refers to a secret rendezvous between couples. Wordle of July 22 is a verb definition, on the other hand, is to maintain a secret, romantic meeting with a lover. The word is connected to the encounter in both senses.  

People have been guessing the word wrong in Wordle. Each day’s Wordle solution is the same for all participants, who are all trying to identify the same word. The game’s rules are remarkably similar to the Lingo game show series and the 1955 pen-and-paper version Jotto.  

Gryst Definition 

Gryst is defined to be the thick seed covering known as chaff removed from grain before it is ready for processing. 

How do I play the Wordle game?

  • On a smartphone or computer, you may play Wordle online right now. 
  • Enter after typing a five-letter word to get started. 
  • The characters will then either remain blank, become yellow, or green. 

These are the meanings of the colours: 

  • Green indicates that you have positioned the letter correctly. 
  • Yellow: The letter is present in the world, but the position is not accurate. 
  • In a blank word, the character is not available. 

You have the opportunity to post the Gryst Wordle result on social networking sites once the game is over.

Players can optionally activate the game’s Hard Mode to add even more challenging obstacles. Players are prohibited from selecting letters that have recently been proved wrong in this mode, which locks in prior tips. Similar rules apply to characters confirmed to be accurate. 


Wrapping up on this post, we informed our readers about Gryst Wordle solutions. Wordle can assist to prepare player’s brain. For that more analytical thinking is required if they have the mindset that the Wordle for that day will be more challenging than the others.

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