Who Was Grace Kelley Judd? What’s Full Name? Was There Any Face Tattoo?

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This is reported that Grace Kelley Judd is not attending the funeral of Naomi Judd. Read here to find out more.

Do you know, Grace Kelly? The granddaughter of Naomi Judd would not be available for her grandmother’s funeral as she is right now serving a prison term in Tennessee. The daughter of Wynonna Judd, Grace Kelley, is currently behind the bars in Tennessee for dealing meth and cooking in the United States and Canada

The prison inspector has recently mentioned that Grace Kelly has made no request for attending the funeral and that is why no action to release Grace Kelley Judd from the prison is being taken by the prison authorities.

Who is Grace Kelly and why is she behind Bars?

Our intention in this article is to compile all the information available and give you a clear view of what has happened and why this thing is in news for past few days. Naomi Judd was an American singer and actress who had performed in various concerts, films, and songs. She is famous for her partnership with her daughter Wynonna. Naomi had a very successful career in singing for long.

Kelley is the granddaughter of Judd and in this manner Grace Kelley Wynonna Judd is in news. Naomi Judd died on April 30 by suicide and thereafter news start surfacing inquiring whether the granddaughter, who is currently serving a prison sentence, would come to the funeral or not. The family is well aware of the methamphetamines drug case for which Kelley in prison as online sources said.

Grace Kelly is also famous because of Wynonna Judd and had appeared in lots of concerts and functions as a kid. However as online sources said, she came to attention only when she pleaded guilty of possession, and selling of methamphetamines drugs. Afterwards, she was ordered to serve eight year prison sentence. 

Wiki of Grace Kelley Judd and Other Related Information

Grace Kelly born in California in 1996 and is currently 26 years old. Grace Kelly also had a strong fan following in the industry and had been subjected to media attention on various occasions. As a part of celebrity lifestyle, she has often interacted to her fans on social media as well. Before arrest, she was residing in Tennessee, United States. The father of Kelley, Arch Kelly, is a famous actor and TV personality. 

As per the news reports, there have been inquiries about Grace Pauline Kelley Face Tattoo. After the methamphetamines drug case, when the photos of Grace Kelley had surfaced the internet, there were people inquiring about the tattoo that she has. The tattoo is made right over her eyebrows and there is  something written in English there. Though it cannot be understood and ascertained by any reports with utmost certainly what is written.


The death of Naomi Judd has opened a question as to whether Grace Kelley, the granddaughter of the former, would attend the funeral or not. Meanwhile, the prison authorities have said that no such request has been made on the part of the convict. Grace Kelley Judd is currently serving a prison sentence in Tennessee. To know more, see Naomi Judd funeral details

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