Gpo Krampus Drops {Jan 2022} New Added Features Detail!

The article talks on the topic of Gpo Krampus Drops. But, it is all about a game called GPO. So, read the article to understand better.

What is GPO? What is the full form of GPO? What is krampus in GPO? Is this a new character in the game?

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What is GPO?

The full form of GPO is “Grand Piece Online.” It is a video game played online. Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game.

Some players find unique fruits that can boost individuals’ strengths who consume them or help them defeat scary bosses. Some people get riches on undiscovered islands far out at sea. Your path is entirely yours. Crews can also be formed and disbanded. Inspiration took from the iconic shounen-novel ‘One Piece’.

They also have a community online, and the purpose of the wiki community is to collect information about the game to assist players in their progression and other activities.

Gpo Krampus Drops

Krampus: The Ravager is a massive stationary boss that spawns at Winter Cave during the Christmas Event 2021. It wields a Festival Lancer that has been expanded. After you enter the portal, it will take 3 minutes (180 seconds) for him to spawn.

It has 2 million HP and does not deal M1 damage. It appears to only use its talents, never the big festival lancer it wields. But you should keep in mind that the boss is immobile, which means it will not move. It is more difficult than previous bosses. Also, you will have to understand its behaviors.

To know more about Gpo Krampus Drops, keep reading.

Drops of Krampus   

Here are the types of drops that Krampus has:

  • Hat for a Tall Elf (5-25 percent )
  • Horns of Reindeer (5-25 percent )
  • Scarf made of peppermint (5 percent )
  • Santa’s Attire (25 percent )
  • Hat for a Festival Tree (5 percent )
  • Hat of Rudolph (5-25 percent )
  • The Beard of Santa Claus (5-25 percent )
  • Lancer of the Festival (1 percent )
  • Belly Armor is a type of armor made by Bell (5-25 percent )

Some moves of Krampus:

  • Icicle Rain-Krampus shouts and launches blockable icicles with DMG 5-20
  • Breath of Frost 

In this article, Gpo Krampus Dropswe have collected all possible information and presented it here. Hope you find the facts and information about the boss Krampus helpful. All types of drops are mentioned here. Also, there are more moves, but we didn’t mention all the moves here.


Krampus is a boss  in the game Grand Piece Online. It is available only for the Christmas event 2021. The damage to this boss is quite impressive. It attacks through drops. All the information about drops is given here in this article. Overall the game is good.

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