Gpo Heart of SOL {Dec 2021} Find Latest Information!

Are you finding out about Gpo Heart of SOL newest update? If yes, here’s the complete information.

GPO (Grand Piece Online) uncovered about Update 4, which got released on September 12, 2022. GPO, mostly liked by United States youths and robloxians is an anime-inspired Roblox game.

The new fourth Update has been receiving an overwhelming response, and people are posting positive comments about the latest update made in the game. So as this news is so much in controversy among gamers, so today, we are uncovering Gpo Heart of SOL fresh updates on this page. 

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About GPO (Grand Piece Online)

It’s a community of multi-player games known as Grand Piece Online.

This game was a long-awaited game of 2020 Roblox game sea fearing created by the grand quest game. 

Through this, players can discover variously hidden scavenge to get treasures, exotic fruits that empower the eaters, search out hidden islands located across the ocean.

In Gpo Heart of SOL, one may also find out bet imposing bosses, shatter crews and both forms.

Current News About GPO Update 

The community had released Update 4 of the Grand piece online game recently two days ago that is on 12th September 2021 at 8.30 PM

This game is the most-liked and is one piece game that got its inspiration from Roblox anime.

This Update is said to be a massive update made by Gpo as it reveals about six new islands, mini-bosses, and new bosses.

About Gpo Heart of SOL

In this game named GPO, the location named Heart of Sol resides inside the bar of the desert kingdom. It gets spawns at the beginning of the located counter.

However, now the game marks dozens of fresh game items with the introduction of Update four made two days ago. The update also gives access to Kraken core which is the rarely Obtainable game item.

GPO Update 4 Patch Note and Update Log 

  • New Cap level: 325>425
  • New Cap Bounty: 50,000>75000

Name of The New Six Islands 

  1. Alabasta
  2. Rovo Island
  3. Spirit Island 
  4. Reverse Mountain 
  5. Sashi Island 
  6. Colosseum of Arc

The new update of Gpo Heart of SOL introduces to this Six Islands 

Improvements Made In New Update

  • The new update has improved the loading screen
  •  Made changes in intelligence NPC for blocking
  •  Nine customized New pants
  • Ten customized New shirts 
  •  Revamped a few of the hit effects 
  • Addition of fresh moon texture 
  •  Introduced colosseums with test dummies

 Revamped sound effects added such as Rokuogan, Rankyaku, Tekkai, Jewels if light, Magma rain, Dia enkai, firefly, Hike, Soru, Geppo etc.




Now we conclude our page that delivered information concerning Gpo Heart of SOL and the news about the 4th update of Gpo released at present.

So this page had talked all about Grand Piece Online game’s newest update. 

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