Gpo Crocodile (Dec 2021) All About Second Sea Boss!

The post below Gpo Crocodile will let you know in detail about the popular Gpo game features.

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Grand Piece Online is a community-driven digital multiplayer game played by many players in the United States. Learn about one of the prominent characters in today’s Gpo Crocodile article.

About GPO – Grand Piece Online Game 

Grand Quest Games designed Grand Piece Online; it is a long-awaited seafaring 2020 ROBLOX game. If you’re a GPO player, no introduction is needed as it is already trending in the gaming industry especially in the United States

You can bring unseen islands across the ocean to light, hunt for exotic fruits and treasure to entitle their eaters, challenge staggering bosses, and shatter crews and both form. You have your own path based on the well-known shounen 1 Piece.

About Gpo Crocodile

Pharaoh Akshan (Crocodile) is the first boss for the Second Sea, and Pharaoh’s Castle is his snoozing place, located on the Desert Kingdom. He is furnished with Golden Hook and uses the Suna Suna No Mi (a legendry Devil fruit).

He deals M1 (click damage) unknown damage and has an undisclosed amount of HP. 375+ is his quest’s level requirement.

How To Wake Up Pharaoh Akshan?

  • To wake up the Crocodile, the player gathers and equips three artifacts dispersed around the Desert Kingdom.
  • All spawn locations are erratic, which means the user has to search in every corner. Jump to next step to wake up Gpo Crocodile.
  • Once all three artifacts are collected, the player should head to the Castle’s mountain where Statue is located, then have a word with it that you have equipped all the artifacts.
  • After which Crocodile will be awakened. Then move to the Castle to fight him.

The Three Artifacts and Their Location

  • The Heart of Sol – located in the City of Sol.
  • The Cup of Vedas – located in the City of Vedas.
  • The Seer of Zaro – located in the City of Zaro.

Details About Drops

  • Golden Hook

The Unique and special golden hook on the Gpo Crocodile hand can dehydrate his enemy and pound a dangerous poison inside.

The Golden hook is the one and only one weapon to deal poison in the game. It also has an undescribed base M1 damage.

  • Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape

Pharaoh cape is a rare accessory worn by Crocodile.

The Final Verdict

We hope all the information given above related to the Grand Piece Online game and a brief introduction to the famous character Pharaoh Akshan also known as Gpo Crocodile, is helpful. So, if you are curious, then go and start playing the game now.

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