Gotenks Astd {Sep 2021} Know Curious Game Information!

This article describes all the attributes and useful information of Gotenks Astd  in details.

Have you lately seen a new character called Gotenks in your Hero Summon shop in All Star Tower Defense? Are you pondering about whether or not you should buy this unit for your game battles? Well then, we are here to answer your questions so you can learn all about Gotenks Astd.

Since this game is trendy on Roblox in the United States, people are always looking to add new characters to their inventory to keep their gameplay interesting and maintain scores above their competitors.

What is Astd?

Astd is the abbreviation for All Star Tower Defense, an online video game on Roblox, a global gaming platform. Since its commencement on 5th July 2020, it has garnered over 1.7 billion visits. It comes under the umbrella of Top Down Games and is created by FruitySama, JokeTheFool, and Benoxa. 

The main objective of this game is to ward off waves of enemies that attack you. You can keep getting summoning units like Gotenks Astd from the Summon gate and avail the fantastic new abilities possessed by each of them. 

You can unlock new units and add them to your inventory every hour from the Emote Shop and Summon Gate. By upgrading your character troops, you can also get different attacks during your battles. You can even play in story mode or infinity tower mode by teaming up with other players. 

With more than 52,353 active players currently from the United States and other countries, positive ratings from 7,28,000+ players, and unique character introduction frequently, this game is a fan favorite.

All about Gotenks Astd:

Now we will come to the focal point of the article and talk about Gotenks. Goten, also known as Son Koken, is a character inspired by Goku’s second and youngest son from Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. He is Gohan’s younger brother. Here are some of his character traits in the game:

  • Gotenks is a three-star ground and circle AoE unit.
  • You can only obtain him from the Hero Summon. 
  • You can evolve the unit into tokens by making use of 30 Son Kokens, 30 Kid Ts, and 5 Alien Soldier.
  • You can sell Gotenks Astd troops for 50% of their deployment cost plus the cost of upgrades.
  • Gotenks has seven upgrades in total. His deployment cost is $650, and the last upgrade costs you $60,000. 
  • The damage he can make ranges from 1250 to 1,40,000. 
  • His range varies from 30 to 100, and this SPA ranges from 6 to 8.2.
  • His DPS starts at 12.5 and results in 67.07 in the last upgrade.
  • You will get an additional beam in the 3rd upgrade, and you can even use all-out assault in the 7th upgrade.


Our conclusion about Gotenks Astd is that Goten is already quite famous because of his presence in dragon ball, and now that he has been introduced in the game with such powerful attributes, he will be loved by fans and players. So you should buy this unit to strengthen your gameplay. However, be cautious that Not All Robux Generators Are Safe! 

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