Gossby Com Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Legit Online Site?

Have you noticed several Gossby com Reviews to identify legitimacy of a portal offering customized items? Then, read this article.

Do you want to give someone, special and unique personalized gifts? Then, approach this article to know if a site is genuine or not.

What if you were invited to a birthday party? You have to give something unique which will be a memorable thing to that person. Moreover, some United States people have suggested that personalized gifts will be more effective if given to someone’s special day. 

Therefore, today, we will introduce a website that sells personalized gifts. So, it’s high time to evaluate the Gossby com Reviews

About & What Does Gossby.com Sell?

The portal ‘Gossby.com’ is handled by innovative people who claim to develop the human relationships through design. Moreover, through their products, they believe in flourishing the concept of friendship and affection, etc. Therefore, they declare to create extraordinary personalized high-quality gifts including:

  • Blankets 
  • T-shirts 
  • Mugs
  • Canvas 
  • Ornaments
  • Pillows 

Essential Details of the Portal 

  • You can access this website via https://gossby.com/en-us?sref=265
  • The site included personalized items including mugs, pillows, wall art, etc. 
  • The return policy is not applicable on this site, displaying that ‘Is Gossby com Legit?’
  • The email address is support@gossby.com.
  • The website offers a 14-days refund policy. Moreover, the refund process might take 3-15 business days. 
  • The company’s branch is located on No. 99 Cao Son street, An Hung Ward, Thanh Hoa city, Vietnam. 
  • For exchange, you have to contact them within 14 working days. 
  • The 24/7 live chat facility option is featured.
  • The phone number is +1 (585) 366 8846 and +1 (844) 976 2696. 
  • They ship worldwide through express shipping methods. 
  • Gossby.com registered on 05-04-2019 but will terminate on 05-04-2030.
  • According to Gossby com Reviews, the newsletter feature is seen. 
  • PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA are popular payment methods. 
  • Their operating hours are 9 am to 5:30 pm CST from Monday-Sunday. 
  • The calculated delivery time is 5 to 24 days.
  • The Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube social icons are mentioned. 

Why Pick this Site?

  • The social icons are cited.
  • Several reviews are gathered. 
  • The trust rank (58.7/100) and trust score (86%) are good.
  • The express shipping facility is given.
  • The location and contact numbers are seen.

Few Deficiencies of Gossby.com

  • Considering the Gossby com Reviews, the Facebook link is not working. 
  • The negative reviews are also received.

Is Gossby com a False Site?

  • Trust Rank- The value is reliable. 
  • Domain cessation date- The site will suspend on 05-04-2030, which indicates long life expectancy of the domain.
  • Customer feedback- Over the site, the reviews of customers are cited. But, on other sites, the shoppers have given negative feedback. Also, the Trustpilot holds mixed reviews. 
  • Alexa Rank- The website’s Alexa rank is 70730.
  • Discount information- Few products have rebated rates. Also, a 50% off facility is cited to reveal Is Gossby com Legit?
  • Domain Age- Gossby.com is 2 years and 8 months old. 
  • Policies- Except for the return policy, all policies are explained. 
  • Trust Score- A good result score of 86% is generated. 
  • Social platform icons- We have found the site’s social network icons, but the Facebook link is not working.
  • Owner’s information- The Company’s name is GOSSBY GLOBAL PTE. LTD.

By summing up, we have gained that the site seems to be authentic. Let us check further at the buyer’s reaction to the site. 

Customers’ Gossby com Reviews

A 4.4 rating is seen for the website over Trustpilot, consisting of more positive feedback. Also, the company is responding to customers promptly.  In addition, shopper’s reviews on the homepage are present, exhibiting the site’s authenticity. 

Moreover, over Instagram , we have seen people asking to buy products and promoting them. But several consumers have imparted 2.5/5 stars on other sites. 

Thus, the website appears authentic because of more positive reviews gathered. Learn about PayPal scams here. 

To Sum Up 

This article on Gossby com Reviews has surveyed a site selling several customized items reasonably. Moreover, we have found reactions of customers on the products, of which more positive feedbacks are seen. 

But the negative reviews are also received for this website. Therefore, we suggest you check all the reviews carefully before buying. Read about credit card scams here. 

What do you have to say about the website? Kindly give your opinion below. 

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