Google To Face Antitrust Probe – All You Need To Know!

Google To Face Antitrust Probe – All You Need To Know! >> The guide shares details about a regulation and answers some common questions regarding the investigation.

Government officials and regulators worldwide focus on analyzing the big tech giants like Google during the potential anti-competitive issues. India, Germany, Japan and America are some of the nations that will conduct Anti-Trust Probe against tech giants, including Google. 

Google is the renowned and most profitable search engine worldwide, and it is about to face the biggest challenges as the Japanese government and regulator readies antitrust probe against the company, accusing the company of overwhelming competition to extend and protect its monopoly.

Google To Face Antitrust Probe, as many nations have decided to examine the activities of Google because of the growing allegations.  

What is an Antitrust Probe

Antitrust Probe is the regulation that promotes competition by restricting the market capabilities or power of any organization. It ensures that the acquisitions and mergers never overly concentrate market abilities or create monopolies and break the firm that has created monopolies. 

The antitrust probe also thwarts different organizations from conspiring and creating a cartel to restrict competition via price-fixing practices and more. Because of the higher complexity of deciding what practices prevent competition, the antitrust probe has emerged as a unique legal specialty.   

Why Google To Face Antitrust Probe?

Regulators worldwide are regularly receiving allegations and complaints of violations (antitrust) by the tech giants, and hence they have decided to examine the activities of Google. The regulators have decided to form a government panel to investigate the linkage between the US companies and domestic Smartphone manufacturers. 

Google Android’s present share makes about 90% of the worldwide market. The European regulators have conducted a probe last June to determine if the technology giant Apple was violating the antitrust rules for the application developers on distributing the products on app stores. 

Google was also fined billions of Euros last year for violating the antitrust laws in Europe. So, if the panel detects any suspicious activity again, all nations would reinforce their respective antitrust laws and regulations. The probe by the regulators raises many questions, and here are some answers.   

What is the Duration for Antitrust Probe?

As per the experts, the antitrust probe is a long-term process, and it would take time due to many factors. It is sure that Google To Face Antitrust Probe, but the duration of the investigation is still unknown. Google’s wide range of businesses includes Android OS, YouTube, Gmail, search engines, and other advertising systems that link all online advertising businesses.  

The first target of the probe would be the ad business of Google, as it derives the bulk of revenue for the firm. The regulators may also look for other areas of practice. They will look for the methods that Google may asphyxiate competition instead of Google’s success and size. 

How will Antitrust Probe Impact Google?

It is not easy for regulators to break a tech giant like Google with an antitrust probe, as per the experts. Google has expanded its new areas of businesses instead of expanding the control over a single area. 

So, it would be challenging for the regulators and government officials to break up Google using the existing law of antitrust regulations. 

Will Antitrust Probe Benefit the Consumers?

Many consumers are concerned about why Google To Face Antitrust Probe, and they want to know will it benefit them in the long run. However, experts have confirmed that the antitrust probe would open new avenues for more unique and innovative launches and new business and services. 

However, it is too early for anyone to conclude how the potential breakup of Google would benefit the consumers. Consumers expect the integration of Google services to email mapping and online storage service of the firm would result from the breakup.

What are the Other Options for Regulators?

Other than summoning the final call, the regulators and investigators would attempt a behavioral option. Google may receive a restriction in pre-loading the Apps on their Android phones. 

A few decades ago, tech giant like Microsoft was prevented from splitting into several sections due to the antitrust probe. However, it urged the company to make changes and ensure that other firms can supply software for Windows PCs. 

The issue with such an approach is that the regulators generally don’t have access to the resources for the continuing refereeing, and such an agreement can easily be weaseled off. 

Is Antitrust Probe Increases Consumer’s Privacy?

Google is known for gathering and monetizing a huge database of consumers, more than any other tech giants, and it results in privacy issues. It is one reason why regulators are planning for the antitrust investigation. 

The antitrust investigation focuses on competition issues, and there will be no negotiations on getting the competitor’s access to the consumer data with Google; instead, it will reduce the data collection by Google.


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