Good Wordle Words {April} Discover How To Choose Them!

Words with more vowels can be qualified as Good Wordle Words. Read here to know the list of such words.

The Wordle game is gaining much popularity around the world. The game, which started during the lockdown, has surpassed many records on the internet and is still on an upward trend. People Worldwide are playing the game, and many of its versions are now available in different countries.

The Good Wordle Words are still being searched for on the internet. The game is not just about guessing words anymore. There are variants specifically for music, the game of thrones, puzzles, films, and marvel. 

Introduction to the Gameplay of Wordle

Our intention in this article is to make sure that you get to know everything about the excellent wordle words that are available right now. If we mention some of the words at the starting itself, then they could be Ouija, Adieu, Crane, Ratio and other words with similar vowel expressions.. But before moving, let us first examine the basic concept and gameplay of Wordle. Wordle has many facets, and the Wordle Good Starting Words are such a trending genre. 

Josh Wardle first developed the game. The game is similar to Jotto, the 1955 game which became a sensation in the United States. Josh Wardle initially made this game for himself and his friends and later decided to go public within October 2021. The game became famous during the lockdown, and the New York Company decided to publish it in 2022. The gameplay is about guessing a word daily in attempts given. There are color indicators like Green, Gray, and Yellow. 

What are some Good Wordle Words?

If we talk about good Wordle starting words, words with many vowels are a crowd favorite. Therefore words like AIDEU, OUIJA, EQUAL, QUEUE, etc., are the first choice for any player. The words having letters like E and A are scientifically preferred because they are most commonly used. For beginners, the guessing game could work, but repetition may not. They should not use the exact words so commonly in the starting, a tendency that has been seen commonly. 

The game generally asks for prevalent words and not the ones academically peculiar or ancient in their origin. Thus, Good Wordle Words are like RAISE, CRANE, TRACE, etc. They are always easy to guess, and less gray color warning is there to appear. Therefore, anyone playing the game must remember that there is an NYT Wordle dictionary where they have essentially curtailed the words further. If you look at the words in the dictionary, you shall see how common words have been placed there. 

To know more, see the best starting words for Wordle, according to an expert.  


There are many wordle words to start the game with. If your word has more vowels, it can be a piece of cake to clear the round. The Good Wordle Words like Adieu, Ouija, Equal, Crate, Trace, Ratio, etc., are kept at the preferred place by the players. These words must be kept in mind while playing. The NYT dictionary could also be referred to in case needed. 

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