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This article will clear all doubt about the actuality and section between the words Gomer Wordle and the answer of today’s Wordle Puzzle.

Do you play Wordle games daily? Are you super excited for daily new hints for Wordle? People from the United Kingdom and Australia are more likely to play Wordle during the morning breakfast. 

Wordle game has a different fan base, and in all its variants, people are willing to play it because it is a game of mind development and riddles solving, which is interesting and challenging both at the same time. Suppose you are facing a problem in finding Gomer Wordle. We will help you clear your doubt.

What is this Gomer in Wordle?

People are confused between the word Gomer and Homer. They just randomly search for the word Gomer on the internet and get confused about what this word means. Is this word a kind of a Wordle or any solutions to Wordle? 

Mostly the people are misguided from the correct information, and they do random searches of any consecutive Wordle with different names. So from our research, we found that there is no such Gomer Wordle. But it could be an answer for the new Wordle hint.

What is the 5th May 2022 answer of Wordle?

It could be a crazy similarity between the two words, Gomer and Homer. The word Homer is the answer for 5th May 2022 Wordle. But people misinterpret this word and start searching for Gomer. The reality is people should look for the word Homer with his answer to today’s Wordle. 

The excitement and craze about the Wordle makes people think of different words and create their interpretation of words in their mind, and usually, they get confused between the real word and the interceptor word.

How to play Gomer Wordle?

There is no such wordle name Gomer; actually, it’s Homer that’s the answer of Wordle 5th May 2022. There are very basic rules by which you can play Wordle easily.

  • You will find a maze box of 5 by 5 squares.
  • You will be given some hints to guess the answer.
  • The colour of the box changes respectively to the answer. If you guess the correct answer box will turn green; if you misspell the word in the box and your answer is correct, it will turn yellow. If your answer is wrong, the box will remain Grey in the last case.

So we hope that your confusion between Gomer Wordle and Wordle’s answer “Homer” is very clear by all this information. You can easily write your answer and search for the correct word before playing the game.


Sometimes people who are very excited about the game cannot find the correct relevance between the word and find any random word with a sound similar to the Wordle. 

Did you ever search for the wrong word for playing Wordle? Write down in your comment section if your thoughts are clear about Gomer Wordle. Also, to play Wordle here. 

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