Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox (Jan 2022) Bugs & Fixes!

The guide shares details about the Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox to help players resume the game again.

Do you play the famous virtual multiplayer game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone? If your answer is affirmative, you probably have encountered a common error called Goldflake Error Warzone on Xbox. 

Many players in the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom face the Warzone error code, Status Goldflake. It prevents the players from entering the multiplayer lobby to join any match. Players who cannot connect to the game’s online services due to Status Goldflake Error find the right fixes to Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox.

About The Goldflake Error Warzone

Goldflake Error Warzone is the technical error encountered on the Xbox gaming console when players attempt to join the multiplayer lobby. The error prevents the players from entering or connecting to the game’s online services.

The error occurs on the popular gaming console Xbox, and it is caused due to some technical error and software issues. Many players attempting to launch the game and enter the multiplayer lobby on Xbox are facing the error because of the suspended host system. 

Players are trying to solve the error by restarting the console, but the issue reappears.

What is Causing the Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox?

As mentioned, the Goldflake Error is caused due to technical error in the system. The error occurs when the players attempt to enter the multiplayer lobby as per sources. It occurs when the host system of their gaming console is suspended. 

So, it means the error is caused due to console or software issues at the player’s end and not from the game server. When players suspend the game in between, the Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox occurs when they resume the Modern Warfare. 

How to Fix the Goldflake Error?

In most cases, the error is fixed simply by restarting the gaming console. After a complete reboot, the console must not be kept in sleep mode. You have to restart the console to see if the game works normally. 

The error often appears occasionally, and it is irritating for players when playing the game. Below you will find some more tips on fixing the Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox.

  • Check everything is updated and the game pass has not expired. You will find a patch to fix it
  • Ensure to power-cycle the modem to which the console is connected. Read the instructions and power up your modem. 
  • You may factory-reset the modem and try to connect the console again
  • Uninstall the game on your console and reinstall it to see if the error is resolved. 

What are the Players’ Comments?

After evaluating online, we found some Reddit Comments from the players. Many players are facing the error, and they are frustrated with it.

A user commented that he updated the game pass, which worked for him to fix the error.  


Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox brings real pain as it prevents the players from accessing the game on their console. However, it is not a server-side error, so you have to be careful when using your console and avoid keeping it in sleep mode in between games to prevent the error from appearing. Plus, you must learn the Things You Have to Do When Facing an Error

Are you also facing the same Goldflake Error Warzone? Then, please mention your steps to fix it in the comment section. 

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  1. Had the goldflake error at Warzone Vanguard launch. Fortunately found a two week gamepass code in an old controller box I had bought back in February and this fixed the error for the two week gamepass period. Gamepass expired and the goldflake error returned. Out of principal I won’t be purchasing gamepass just to play Warzone as the game has too many other issues to be fixed so….. screw Activision and Microsoft.


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