Golden Tiger Adopt Me {Feb} Find Steps To Hatch It!

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In this article, you will learn about Golden Tiger Adopt Me. This post includes all the relevant details. We hope you find it helpful.

The lunar year has started, and we all know the significance of the tiger in the Lunar new year. Tiger embodies courage and bravery. Adopt me, an online game in Roblox celebrates the lunar year and its player by launching pets.

People from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are fond of this game. Many questions pop up in your mind about Golden Tiger Adopt Me. Scroll down to know more!

What is a Golden Tiger?

You all might have heard of adopting me. Adopt me is an online game played in Roblox. Many famous games launch new features to make them more exciting and attractive. Lunar New year starts at the beginning of February, which symbolises the tiger.

Concerning Lunar New year, Adopt me has launched a tiger box with some pets inside that are to be unlocked by the players. You need to know that purchasing tigers would cost some bucks. If you do not have enough bucks, you could get it by trading with other players.

Golden Tiger Adopt Me

The Golden Tiger is a part of the feature that was launched in the latest update of Adopt me in the Lunar year. Players eagerly want to unlock the golden tiger. Other tigers, including Normal and white tigers, are also launched, but the golden one is rare and has significantly less chance to get unlocked.

Before discussing the steps to hatch the tigers, we must know some details about them.

  • Normal tiger: There is a 60% chance to unlock a normal tiger.
  • White tiger: There is a 30% chance to unlock the white tiger.
  • Golden Tiger: There are only 10% chances to unlock Golden Tiger.

Details about Golden Tiger Adopt Me are mentioned ahead, including steps to hatch the golden tiger and dancing dragon.

How to get a Golden tiger?

People might be looking for the golden tiger and ways to unlock it. Adopt me latest update has launched a tiger box which includes pets like white tiger, golden tiger, dragon and more. To unlock the golden tiger, you need to unlock the tiger box. This will cost 350$, which means you need 800 Robux to unlock it in Roblox.

People are excited about the update and are curious to unlock the features. Golden Tiger Adopt me update also includes dancing dragon. If you want to unlock the dancing dragon, you need 10,500$, which means you need 4000 Robux to unlock it. Golden Tiger is a legendary pet which costs equal to unicorn plush.


There are three tigers in the game that could make your game better and work as a helping hand. We have listed all the possible ways to hatch the golden tiger. Adopt me is loved by many people across the world. To know more about the Golden tiger, visit this link.  

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